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 Media Releases: 2003

30 December, 2003Western Cape scores hat-trick in 2003 matric results
30 December, 2003Wes-Kaap behaal driekuns met 2003 matriekuitslae
30 December, 2003WIPhondo leNtshona Koloni liphinda okwesithathu ukufaka inqaku (hat-trick) ngeziphumo zematriki zika-2003
30 December, 20032003 matric results: School Awards
30 December, 20032003 matriek uitslae: Skool Toekennings
30 December, 20032003 Matric Merit List: pictures and comment
30 December, 20032003 Merit List & Special Awards: Senior Certificate Examination
4 December, 2003Massive matric marking process begins
25 November, 2003Leading from the front in fight against HIV & AIDSs
20 November, 2003WCED launches literacy and numeracy manuals
17 November, 2003WCED completes investigation into learner's death
13 November, 2003Investigation into incident at Edgemead High School
12 November, 2003FET colleges open new doors to the world of work
12 November, 2003W Cape teachers receive national honours
11 November, 2003Human resource development depends on GET, FET
6 November, 2003Gaum announces plan for human resource development
28 October, 2003Nuwe WKOD-skool fokus op Wiskunde en Wetenskap
28 October, 2003New WCED school to focus on maths and science
20 October, 2003W Cape teachers to receive world-class ICT training
30 September, 2003Conference to chart the future of education in the Western Cape
26 September, 2003WCED to honour province's top teachers
11 September, 2003WCED finalises school staff establishments for 2004
9 September, 2003WCED appoints 'A'-team to head province's new FET colleges
29 August, 2003WCED launches teacher recruitment campaign
26 August, 2003Rhenish High closed on account of meningitis
21 August, 2003New multi-media teacher training programme launched
20 August, 2003Businees Ventures - Building Budding Businesses!
7 August, 2003WCED, SETA sign cooperation agreement
7 August, 2003Learner dies in stabbing
6 August, 2003Western Cape prepares for revised school curriculum
6 August, 2003WCED starts new Khayelitsha high school
4 August, 2003Gaum welcomes decisions of Council of Education Ministers
1 August, 2003Matrics have 10 weeks left before end-of-year exams
31 July, 2003Gugulethu pre-primary school promotes reading
31 July, 200331 July, 2003 WCED prepares for Learning Cape Festival
24 Julie, 2003Seks-onderrig nie genoeg nie
24 July, 2003Teaching about sex not enough
13 June, 2003WCED sets sights on 100% Grade R support by 2003
11 June, 2003Gaum tackles challenges of literacy and numeracy
10 June, 2003Report on Grade 9 assessment
10 June, 2003Gaum calls on the public to comment on religion policy
23 May, 2003Proposal for Masimphumelele informal school
20 May, 2003WCED, partners launch Western Cape Education Foundation
18 Mei, 2003Gevolge vir mislukking en beloning vir sukses
18 May, 2003Consequence for failure and reward for success
14 May, 2003Teacher payments need balanced approach
5 May, 2003Northwest and Western Cape discuss cooperation in education
24 April, 2003Elections of school governing bodies
24 April, 2003Verkiesings van skoolbeheerliggame
22 April, 2003A Partnership of Hope
14 April, 2003 Policy on religion in schools postponed
14 April, 2003W Cape students receive Carnegie scholarships
8 April, 2003Province observes World Health Day
2 April, 2003Learners celebrate life and art with leading SA artists
2 April, 2003Leerders vier lewe en kuns saam met vooraanstaande SA-kunstenaars
28 Maart, 2003Petisie oor godsdiensbeoefening in skole
25 March, 20032003 Clean-up after floods under way
24 March, 2003WCED launches comprehensive Literacy Strategy
23 March, 2003WCED celebrates World Book Day
20 March, 2003Breederivier-Overberg EMDC opens Worcester facilities
20 March, 2003Breederivier-Overberg OBOS loods nuwe fasiliteite
18 March, 2003Ter viering van Menseregtedag
18 March, 2003Commemorating Human Rights Day
14 March, 2003Target shooting as a school sport
14 March, 2003Skyfskiet as sport in skole
14 March, 2003Gang violence: Minister's response
14 March, 2003Reaksie op die sterftes van kinders as gevolg van bendegeweld
14 March, 2003Western Cape Schools receive national achievement awards
10 March, 2003Premier launches Cape Maths, Science & Technology Academy
7 March, 2003Minister, officials, schools discuss education priorities
5 March, 2003Task team studies informal school proposal
3 March, 2003Lights will soon shine in all W Cape Schools
18 February, 2003WCED launches Maths, Science & Technology Strategy
14 February, 2003Principals, officials meet to plan FET introduction
13 February, 2003Sonderend Primary offers hope for the future
3 February, 2003WCED bridges digital divide in W Cape schools
29 January, 2003Migration to the Western Cape - impact on schools
28 January, 2003Hostage-takers release WCED officials
28 January, 2003Ramatlakane warns against hostage taking
24 January, 2003FET college mergers will increase efficiency
24 January, 2003WCED starts first phase of inclusive education programme
22 January, 2003WCED assesses school readiness of underage learners
22 January, 2003Western Cape is well prepared for the start of the 2003 school year

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