Media Releases: 2014

18 December, 2014This week concludes the end of the 2014 NSC marking period
14 December, 2014Western Cape Government working Better Together for a safer summer
10 December, 2014End of 2014 school year
8 December, 2014Minister Schäfer welcomes appeal judgment on school closures
8 December, 2014Minister Schäfer to visit main NSC marking centre
3 December, 2014Minister Schäfer "Withholding report cards will not be tolerated"
27 November, 2014Western Cape gets ready for eLearning in schools
25 November, 2014Minister Schäfer and Minister Grant appeal to Grade 12 learners to celebrate responsibly
20 November, 2014WCED pays out R44 million for fee exemption compensation
11 November, 2014Minister Schäfer encourages learners to stay focused as today marks the midway point for the 2014 NSC examinations
9 November, 2014WCED honours Western Cape's top teachers
5 November, 2014Minister Schäfer outlines why she is opposed to the current proposal of a single subject textbook
3 November, 2014Minister Schäfer appeals to parents and communities to discourage irresponsible behaviour over Guy Fawkes
2 November, 2014Minister Schäfer appeals to Grade 12's to be mindful of the effects that Eskom's possible Stage 2 load shedding could have on their studies
30 October, 2014Minister Schäfer launches new tool that maps NGO work in Western Cape schools
23 October, 2014Minister Debbie Schäfer impressed with security measures around 2014 NSC examination papers
22 October, 2014WCED amends Abuse no More policy
19 October, 2014Grade 12 learners begin to write the 2014 NSC Examinations
16 October, 2014Minister Schäfer cautions Grade 12 learners against cheating in the upcoming NSC examinations
15 October, 2014WCED prepared for the 2014 National Senior Certificate (NSC)
14 October, 2014Thousands of Grade 3, 6 and 9 learners begin writing the annual provincial language and mathematics tests today
13 October, 2014One child killed on their way to school is one too many
12 October, 2014Back to school: Fourth and final term of school year set to be a busy one
9 October, 2014Minister Schäfer visits Safe School holiday programme
8 October, 2014Minister Debbie Schäfer on her visit to Grade 12 Spring Schools
7 October, 2014Minister Debbie Schafer on her visit to the Cape Teaching Leadership Institute (CTLI)
2 October, 2014Minister Debbie Schäfer at the official handover of Delta Primary School
1 October, 2014Western Cape government announces youth plans during Spring School Holidays
29 September, 2014Final round for school enrolment for 2015 now closed
22 September, 2014Minister Debbie Schäfer announces revised NSC Award Criteria
16 September, 2014Minister Debbie Schäfer to lay criminal charges to protect learners right to education in Grabouw
10 September, 2014Premier Zille Launches the Western Cape Government's Year Beyond Programme
8 September, 2014Western Cape optimistic of improved matric results again this year
4 September, 2014Minister Debbie Schäfer on School Planning Calendar for 2015
2 September, 2014Minister Schäfer addresses handover of Die Duine Primary School
28 August, 2014Wellness mobiles for school health rolling out for a healthier Western Cape
21 August, 2014Minister Debbie Schäfer launches School Admissions Management Information (SAMI) database
18 August, 2014Minister Schäfer extremely concerned about reports of 'Rape, rape' school game
31 July, 2014Minister Debbie Schäfer attends launch of 'How to be a Health Activist' Workbook
22 July, 2014Drop in vandalism and burglary in Schools over the holiday period
20 July, 2014Minister Schäfer announces unprecedented increase of 676 new teaching posts in the Western Cape
9 July, 2014WCED Safe Schools Holiday Programme
26 June, 2014Steps to Ensure the Safety of the Youth during the June/July School Holiday
24 June, 2014Fifteenth Annual Western Cape Provincial Teaching Awards 2014
23 June, 2014Attracting Quality Teachers to our Rural Areas
2 June, 2014There's no excuse for late applications
29 May, 2014Expansion of Camps Bay Preparatory
22 May, 2014WCED increases opportunities for blind learners after successful pilot project
14 May, 2014Minister Grant: Supplementary examinations - Increases in the numbers and quality of passes
24 April, 2014Current and future education infrastructure projects - accessible to the public
22 April, 2014Hotline for educators and learners to report abuse and school crime
14 April, 2014New technology assists visually impaired learner to attend public school
9 April, 2014Minister Grant: School burglary and vandalism - "Report the illegal trade of copper and other metals to your local authorities"
7 April, 2014Minister Grant attends first isiXhosa lesson for Grade 1's
26 April, 2014WCED releases guidelines on playground safety at schools
26 March, 2014Western Cape conducts competency testing for NSC markers - fourth year in a row
20 March, 2014Minister Grant delivers the Education Budget for 2014/2015
25 February, 2014WCED reaction to court judgment
23 February, 2014WCED, SAPS discuss safety in Manenberg
18 February, 2014Western Cape honours excellence in literacy and numeracy
18 February, 2014Minister Grant congratulates school on their Language and Mathematics results
6 February, 2014Learner migration into the Western Cape
22 January, 2014Speech at the Cape Winelands NSC Top Achievers Award
20 January, 2014Close to 100% of matrics passed or qualified for supplementary exams
17 January, 2014School burglary and vandalism- community support needed
15 January, 20141st Day of school – few tears and happy faces
14 January, 2014Minister Donald Grant congratulates the class of 2013!
13 January, 2014Back to school – WCED prepared and ready for 2014 school year
13 January, 2014NSC award criteria for the Western Cape National Senior Certificate 2013 Awards Ceremony
9 January, 2014Breakdown of matric results of schools in poorer communities proves certain 'commentators' are misleading the public
8 January, 2014Appeal to candidates that qualify to write supplementary exams to apply as soon as possible
7 January, 2014Celebrating success at schools and district offices
6 January, 2014Matric results 2013: Summary
6 January, 2014NSC 2013 Matrics: A "CLASS ACT" - You better believe it!
5 January, 2014Matric 2013 results: Western Cape preview

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