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 Media Releases: 2007

28 December, 2007Western Cape matric results satisfactory given tough year for education
28 December, 2007Senior Certificate 2007: Statistical summary
28 December, 2007Senior Certificate 2007: Merit List
28 December, 2007Senior Certificate 2007: Additional Meritorious Achievement
28 December, 2007Senior Certificate 2007: Awards to Schools
28 December, 2007Senior Certificate 2007: Learner and Subject Awards
28 December, 2007Matric Examinations 2007: Enquiries / Navrae
21 December, 2007WCED finalises budget for no fee schools
14 December, 2007Grade 11 pass rate bodes well for next year
7 December, 2007In spite of difficult year, I'm proud of Service Delivery
7 December, 2007Retired Teachers Association to help promote excellence
5 December, 2007R6-million for literacy and numeracy, says Education MEC Dugmore
3 December, 2007Matric marking off to a good start
30 November, 2007A message from Western Cape Education MEC Cameron Dugmore to all principals and teachers
26 November, 2007Report on West Coast schools inquiry into allegation of racism and access to education
25 November, 2007Floods mark final matric exam for 2007
23 November, 2007WCED to measure matric results against targets
21 November, 2007WCED's Khanya project wins national award for service delivery
20 November, 2007FET colleges central to delivery of priority skills - Minister Pandor
19 November, 2007Matric reminder on improper language
18 November, 2007WCED suspends three matric invigilators
15 November, 2007WCED enters new chapter in the delivery of quality education
14 November, 2007Important to celebrate teachers - MEC Dugmore
14 November, 2007Service delivery, jobs and working together main theme of Cape Imbizo
31 October, 2007Matrics to rewrite English First Language Higher Grade Paper 2
31 October, 2007Western Cape to benefit from provincial government visit to Shandong Province in the People's Republic of China
30 October, 2007WCED launches family learning campaign
24 October, 2007Special Schools to support mainstream schools - MEC Dugmore
22 October, 2007W Cape celebrates Bitou education partnership
12 October, 2007Multi-million rand pledge to boost literacy and numeracy in rural schools
12 October, 2007WCED appeals for power during typing exams
11 October, 2007WCED provides Whole School Evaluation support
11 October, 2007Q&A on Grade 9 CTAs
5 October, 2007Voluntarism important for development - MEC Dugmore
3 October, 2007Minister Naledi Pandor's message of good wishes to the class of 2007
5 October, 2007World Teachers' Day
5 October, 2007Record increase in number of Western Cape matric candidates
2 October, 2007WCED Redesign to strengthen support for schools, teachers and learners
1 October, 2007Schools to benefit from ambitious venture
21 September, 2007Conclusion of investigations into alleged racial incident at Langenhoven Gymnasium - Joint statement by Western Cape Education MEC Cameron Dugmore and the Langenhoven Gymnasium Governing Body
20 September, 2007Prayer for Education
17 September, 2007MEC Dugmore salutes award winning teachers
17 September, 2007WCED continues to invest heavily in teachers - MEC Dugmore
13 September, 2007Q&As on Grade 11 exam timetable
13 September, 2007Learners shine in web design
11 September, 2007Community radios to provide virtual matric revision classes
5 September, 2007WCED and schools take active steps towards a Safe Learning Home for All
5 September, 2007National Readathon Week
27 August, 2007Teacher vacancies receive excellent response - MEC Dugmore
25 August, 2007Western Cape Quality in Education Conference
24 August, 2007Western Cape's extra 747 teacher posts will reduce class sizes
23 August, 2007High-level accounting skills shortage challenge for education
22 August, 2007WCED Language Transformation Plan promotes six years of mother-tongue-based bilingual education and conversational trilingualism
22 August, 2007 Teacher vacancies deadline - MEC appeals to break traditional racial patterns
22 August, 2007R5m Fund launched, bursaries for 25 tertiary, FET college students
21 August, 2007Support for Grade 11 teaching and learning
21 August, 2007MEC Dugmore lauds Learner Behaviour Management Manual
17 August, 2007Q&A on the Recovery Plan
17 August, 2007WCED launches Service Delivery Charter
8 August, 2007WCED Meeting with unions welcomed, productive
3 August, 2007Young Western Cape scientists reach for the stars
27 July, 2007WCED programmes ensure quality education
26 July, 2007Swartz welcomes work on recovery programmes
26 July, 2007WCED to proceed with second phase of Recovery Plan
23 July, 2007WCED provides tips for parents on homework planning
18 July, 2007Education Recovery Plan
17 July, 2007Funding allocations and school subsidies
16 July, 2007Schools off to a smooth start after month-long strike
11 July, 2007Learners respond well to WCED winter schools
9 July, 2007Premier launches 'Tik off' campaign
6 July, 2007Maths whizz kids head for Hong Kong
2 July, 2007WCED to invest R71.4m in quality improvement
29 June, 2007Education Recovery Plan
19 June, 2007Special meeting of CEM, convened to discuss the impact of the strike
15 June, 2007Government and 94.5 Kfm join hands in giving youth a voice
14 June, 2007Heads of education meet to assess situation in schools
14 June, 2007Disruption of Northpine Primary School by strikers
13 June, 2007Officials and teachers on strike - salary deductions
8 June, 2007WCED concerned over impact of strike on examinations
7 June, 2007Bursaries for maths, science teachers
6 June, 2007Western Cape Education Budget 2007/08
4 June, 2007WCED condemns intimidation, assault and disruption of examinations
by striking teachers
2 June, 2007Contingency plans for common exams
1 June, 2007Strike affects most Western Cape schools
1 June, 2007WCED completes first phase of redesign process
25 May, 2007WCED monitors strike action
18 May, 2007Grade 3 literacy & numeracy results
14 May, 2007Strike guidelines
9 May, 2007WCED investigates farm school route
8 May, 2007Shooting at Lower Crossroads
2 May, 2007Conversation on teachers and teaching conditions
24 April, 2007No fee payments, West Coast News, 24/4/07
24 April, 2007New programme to bolster school management
20 April, 2007PetroSA donates R15m to build new school in Vredenburg
19 April, 2007Presentation of the 2007/08 Budget and Annual Performance Plan
to the Standing Committee on Education, Provincial Legislature
18 April, 2007Beyond the School Wall Educators' Graduation
Extra-Mural Education Project (EMEP)
16 April, 2007Magnificent seven win special awards
16 April, 2007Langenhoven Gymnasium High School report
30 March, 2007Targets setting for quality education
27 March, 2007Inquiry starts into West Coast schools
26 March, 2007W Cape builds 12 schools in 2007/08
23 March, 2007Adult Learner Awards: Retired bus driver, 72, wins award
22 March, 2007WCED celebrates ABET achievements
20 March, 2007Dugmore joins call for "Bike to Work" day
17 March, 2007Performance agreements must include targets - Dugmore
16 March, 2007WCED assessment, qualifications workshop
8 March, 2007Clashes: WCED closes school temporarily
8 March, 2007Task Team to probe Saldanha school issues
7 March, 2007Targets for Maths and Science passes - Dugmore
6 March, 2007Budget 'good news for Education' - Dugmore
6 March, 2007Enrolment challenges
6 March, 2007NSNP feeds 200 000 W Cape learners
6 March, 2007SA makes progress on Millennium Goals
5 March, 2007WCED awards top maths, science and technology teachers
23 February, 2007Arts and Culture Focus Schools and Music Centres
23 February, 2007Olympic medallist leads the way for new schools sport initiative
19 February 2007Khanya wins Gold - again
16 February, 2007BCM Focus Schools Conference
16 February, 2007WCED provides holistic school support
14 February 2007Workshops on language transformation
7 February, 2007Dugmore: further options for skills development
3 February, 2007WCED announces language transformation plan
29 January, 2007Wesbank Secondary grade 11 promotions – circuit manager suspended
29 January, 2007Schools report 65 cases of vandalism
29 January, 2006We’ll get there if we pull together
26 January, 2007Mobile science centre hits the streets
26 January, 2007Teachers receive pay progression payments
26 January, 2007Support for Grade 10 teachers and learners
26 January, 2007Support for Arts & Culture focus schools
25 January, 2007Western Cape, Shandong education departments sign agreement
24 January, 2007Options for Grade 11 learners
22 January, 2007FET colleges off to a good start in 2007
17 January, 2007Smooth start to 2007 school year
15 January, 2007Opening of schools - Western Cape is well prepared and determined to do even better in 2007 at all levels of education

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