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24 January, 2007

Options for Grade 11 learners

Learners who failed Grade 11 in 2006 in schools have a range of options to choose from to continue their studies.

These options include:

  • Repeat Grade 11 at school
  • Register as a private candidate for the 2007 Senior Certificate
  • Move to an FET college
  • Move to an adult education centre
  • Register for a learnership.

All Grade 11 learners will have to follow the new national curriculum for Grade 11 in schools in 2007. Learners who are repeating will have to offer Life Orientation. If they do not offer Maths, they will have to offer Maths Literacy.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has issued guidelines to schools how to manage the transition to the new curriculum.

Learners who failed Grade 11 in 2006 should be familiar with Life Orientation because they engaged with outcomes-based education in Grades 7 to 9, under Curriculum 2005.

Learners can opt for Maths Literacy if they did not study Maths in 2006. Maths Literacy looks at maths used in everyday life. We encourage learners to see Maths Literacy as an opportunity to add real value to their qualification in 2008.

The guidelines given to schools include suggestions on how to support learners who have not studied maths in high school before.

Learners have to complete five Life Orientation assignments each year in Grades 10, 11 and 12 for the new National Senior Certificate. Learners who failed Grade 11 in 2006 will have to complete the Grade 10 assignments in 2007. The WCED’s guidelines provide advice on how this can be done.

Issued by:
Paddy Attwell
Director: Communication
Western Cape Education Department
Tel: 021 467 2531
Fax: 021 461 3694
Email: pattwell@pgwc.gov.za

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