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17 September, 2007

MEC Dugmore salutes award winning teachers

The award-winning teachers and all the hundreds and thousands of other teachers who have not been nominated but who are also doing brilliant work, are helping our children to re-dream their worlds, said Western Cape Education MEC Cameron Dugmore in his address of Friday evening, on the occasion of the department's annual teaching awards ceremony.

Said MEC Dugmore: "Just as "Ubuntu" embodies that to which the world should aspire, so too, it is our teachers who should be what others aspire to. Let all of our teachers be the ones who literally objectify the values and the practices which we need our children to learn and internalise.

"Since many of our homes and our social structures are failing us, then let us have teachers who work together. Let us have teachers who are inspiring. Let us have teachers who are dignified. And teachers who are respectful.

"My congratulates all those who have been nominated and named winners. I want to salute you and all the other heroes who are standing tall and teaching our children. We challenge all other teachers in the province to be inspired to rise to even greater heights.

"I also want to thank all those who have worked so hard to ensure the success of the process thus far and a very special thank you to the Adjudication Panel."



Mr Edward Cloete (Vredendal North Primary School - 027 213 5703)

Mr Cloete is a Head of Department at his school. He is responsible for Grade 7 Mathematics and Natural Science.

As a member of the school's management team, he motivates and supports his colleagues diligently. He is the Mental Maths co-ordinators and eagerly assists his colleagues in Mathematics from Grades 1 - 7.

Mr Cloete is involved with the IWWOUS programme and annually takes his learners to the ESKOM Science EXPO at the University of Stellenbosch. He has completed the Assessor course and as the co-ordinator of the Assessment Committee, he is responsible for the development and implementation of the school's Assessment policy.

As Head of Discipline, he sets the example and with his gentle but firm nature, encourages his learners to rise above their circumstances.


Mr Leonard Cloete (BreŽrivier Secondary School, Worcester - 023 347 1180)

Mr Cloete knows how important it is to experience the learning process as a familiar and non-threatening event, he therefore presents the learning process at the level of the learner, through pop music, videos / DVD's and relevant TV programmes.

His classroom showcases a learning environment of colourful and thought-provoking posters, slogans and graffiti that enhances the learning experience. He strongly believes that lyrics of songs can be a powerful tool in the classroom to address social issues and can stimulate learners to think about the world around them as an integrated system.

As a passionate teacher, he always strives to be well informed about current issues and to be an inspiration to his learners. This is evident in an impassioned letter to the Governing Body that resulted in them agreeing to provide 24-hour internet access to the school. Teachers and learners could now make use of the Internet during and after school.

He always tries to set an inspirational example through his attitude towards the school and its entire school community, his professionalism, his attitude towards challenges and by putting the learners' interest first. He constantly tries to make colleagues aware of opportunities that present itself and to show them how to benefit from these opportunities.


Ms Maria Coetzee (Kliphoek Primary School, Het Kruis, Piketberg - 022 942 1505)

Ms Coetzee is driven by her love for children. She is passionate about teaching. Her family donated land to build a school for the farm community. She is a dedicated teacher and is committed to providing opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the learners.

She has formed meaningful partnerships with the local farming community, police and social services toe ensure that her learners are developed holistically. She ahs overcome many challenges, and has kept abreast of the new developments in education.

Her creativity and learner centred approach have produced positive results in literacy and Numeracy levels. Maria believes that each learner is special and unique and encourages the to "dream". She is passionate about helping the learners to realise their "dreams"


Ms Elizabeth Lottering (Zoar Primary School, Zoar - 028 561 1315)

Ms Elizabeth Lottering regards herself and will remain a studious and lifelong learner, as she is currently busy with her Masters in Specialized Education at the University of Stellenbosch. After teaching for thirty-one years, she is still thoroughly enjoying it and has recently researched the influences that poverty has on children's learning at their school.

She is fully involved in the implementation of NCS and has even written programmes and distributed it. She believes in leading by example, is a dedicated educator and is passionate about Inclusive Education. She was instrumental in assisting in educating Anthea Fortuin who was born without both arms; there are also numerous other examples.

She supported the educators as Anthea progressed from grade to grade and Anthea is currently in Grade 12. Mrs Lottering is also one of the members who initiated a trust fund for Anthea for her tertiary studies and is still in contact with her.

Mrs Lottering's focus is holistic, as she not only addresses the needs of learners in her class, but those in the entire school. She strives to make a difference in the lives of all learners who she comes into contact with as she believes that all learners can learn irrespective of the race, belief, gender, age, HIV status, background and shortcomings.

She arranges regular parental guidance and information sessions where practical teaching methods are demonstrated and tasks are discussed and supplied. Her vision is to empower parents to not only help and support their own children, but other children that experience the same problem.

She also firmly believes in not neglecting the gifted learner as provision and adaptations need to be made for them, as no learner should be excluded in her teaching.


Ms Christel Johannes (Zoar Primary School, Zoar - 028 561 1315)

Ms Johannes is a vibrant, dedicated and conscientious person. These characteristics are manifested in her neat and systematic approach to her work. She forms an integral part of the management of the school and the community.

The school is located in a rural, disadvantaged area of the Western Cape. Despite social issues such as substance abuse, she encourages and motivates her learners, colleagues and parents to overcome and deal with these barriers.

She pursues a praiseworthy relationship amongst the staff at school. She motivates her colleagues by leading bye example. As the Curriculum and Assessment co-ordinator she translates her strategic objectives into action plans.

Her vibrancy and dedication, has set her colleagues and the community ablaze with the spirit of achievement and accomplishment. Her staff acknowledges Ms Johannes as "The Jewel" of her school.


Mr Mzoliswa Mavovana (Hector Petersen Secondary School, Wallacedene, Kraaiforntein - 021 987 3729)

Mr Movovana was appointed as principal of Hector Petersen Secondary in 2001. Since the inception of Grade 12 in 1997 the school's grade 12 results were below 40%. Drugs and alcohol abuse among the learners was like second nature at the school.

Mr Mavovana realized that there was little or no Culture of Learning, Teaching and Services among the staff members, and learners had little respect and appreciation for the opportunity afforded to them for a better life.

Without blaming anyone the staff reflected on the crisis that the school faced and made educators realised that they had to find solutions to the problems as a team. They re-looked at the vision and mission statements of the school and indicated if it was still relevant.

He involved all staff members with their different expertise and made everyone to believe in him- or herself. He had discussion forums with learners about their behaviour and further involved them in finding solutions for their problems. He made learners felt special and loved and indicated that they had a purpose in life and it should be used to their full potential.

Since 2002 annual motivational camps were introduced for Grade 12 learners.. Motivational excursions are also organised for educators as part of the school's ongoing staff development programme.

Within a year the grade 12-pass rate improved from 40% to 80%. For the past four years they maintained a pass rate of 80% average, something which never seemed possible prior 2001.

Mr Mavovana is a hands-on person whom seldom sits behind a desk in the office, but moves around. He believes that all leaders or managers of a school should be in touch with the classroom, the core of his calling, which enables one to deal better with diversity and how to approach it.

In this poverty stricken squatter camp, Wallacedene, he encourages the learners, educators, parents and community to embrace education and distinguish the school as a beacon of hope for the future that they have the potential to excel under their gloomy circumstances.


Ms Lilian van Louw (Piketberg Community Learning Centre, Piketberg)

Ms Van Louw started her teaching career in 1981. To eradicate illiteracy in the community she established Piketberg Community Learning Centre in 1997, where she still works to this day. She is a community builder and established links with organizations within the community of Piketberg and surrounding areas

Ms van Louw has introduced skills such as needlework, woodwork and basic computer programmes. Through her efforts many learners have gained employment, an outcome they directly attribute to the skills they received from the centre.

Through proper management and effective leadership the centre she managed, consistently achieves very good results.

Ms van Louw is a team player and a good listener, maintaining a good relationship with all stakeholders in the centre. Through her sincere belief in lifelong learning she encourages her staff to attend workshops and she personally provides inset training.

She ensures that the learners at her centre are well equipped and able to become entrepreneurs.

As a leader she has been transparent in key areas such as finances and the general running of the centre. She exercises a very high level of administrative skills and belief in providing the technological support to her educators and learners.

Her colleagues describe her as friendly, honest, dedicated, committed and hardworking. She has excellent interpersonal skills and is loved by everyone at the centre. Whenever an educator is absent, Mrs. Van Louw will substitute that for educator.


Ms Barbara Minus (Kathleen Murray Primary School, Grabouw - 021 859 3600)

Ms Minus has 30 years of teaching experience. She serves on her church council. She is currently the deputy principal at Kathleen Murray Primary School in Grabouw.

She has created a good relationship with Bateshda kidsclub, who regularly conducts the weekly assemblies to motivate the learners spiritually. Under her leadership the Technology teachers completed a course at the University of Stellenbosch MTN Science Centre.

In 1998 she received recognition for presenting the Technology 2000 Project at an International event. After winning a local Art Competition, some of her learners travelled to Manchester, England.

She started a Drum 'n Dance programme and was invited to perform at the Cape Arts Theatre. She handles diversity very well and her group consists of Afrikaans as well as Xhosa-speaking learners. She drives the school's curriculum.

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