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Media Release

7 June, 2007

Bursaries for maths, science teachers

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is offering bursaries once again this year for students who wish to follow careers in mathematics and science teaching.

When allocating these bursaries we certainly give preference to the disadvantaged students.

The table below indicates that the department has seen a steady increase in the number of bursaries awarded since 2005.

200582R1 361 000
200690R1 763 000
200796R1 821 000

44 of our intake of 96 bursars will be completing their respective courses this year.

Our bursars are located at all six HEIs in the Western Cape where teacher training is done, namely UCT, UWC, US, CPUT:Bellville, CPUT:Mowbray and CPUT:Wellington.

Bursars have to furnish the WCED with their mid-year as well as the end of year results.

The second payment (August of each year) will only be made on receipt of a letter from the WCED that the student has achieved satisfactory academic progress during the course of the year.

Once the student is qualified he/she has to teach in the public schooling system for as many years as the financial assistance was accepted.

We despatch at least one letter of encouragement to our bursars.

We have embarked on a programme that is aimed at improving the educational environment. This is done by means of presentations at HEIs. The first one was scheduled for 31 May 2007 at CPUT: Bellville.

The topic: A safe school environment contributes to a better learning and teaching environment.

The next topic: School governing bodies and the learning and teaching environment.

Last year I visited a few bursars when they were doing their practice teaching. I was indeed impressed with the quality of lesson preparation and teaching.

The National Education Department's Fundza Lushaka bursary programme:

IMGP represented the WCED at the HEI meetings where the bursaries were allocated. UWC and US allocated 100 bursaries each, UCT 40 and CPUT 180. These institutions clearly believe that the bursary programme will have a profoundly positive impact on the educational environment. We are still awaiting the final bursar lists and a copy of the contract from the HEIs.

IMGP is making a concerted effort to disseminate fully the information regarding recruitment of student teachers and availability of bursaries. We have informed all our directorates at Head Office about the bursary programme as well as our senior circuit managers at two G8 meetings. We requested our senior circuit managers to collaborate with circuit managers, principals, teachers and other stakeholders in identifying suitable students for teacher education. IMGP will also inform all high schools about the said bursary programme.

We also requested the HEIs to inform us about their recruitment plans and to furnish us with registration data in the priority areas.

Anyone that contacts us for information about our bursary programme is also informed about the Fundza Lushaka bursary programme.

Issued by:
Paddy Attwell
Director: Communication
Western Cape Education Department
Tel: 021 467 2531
Fax: 021 461 3694
Email: pattwell@pgwc.gov.za

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