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29 June, 2007

Education Recovery Plan

Statement by Cameron Dugmore, MEC for Education in the Western Cape

This morning I met with the Broad Management Team of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), to look at a comprehensive Recovery Plan, to catch up on time lost, support programmes, and reschedule examinations for the approximately 50 high schools, which have not written at all.

On behalf of the WCED I welcome the announcement of the official suspension of the industrial action by organised labour. It is clear that a great deal of work to mend relationships between teachers, learners, parents and departmental officials is now needed.

Many teachers have sacrificed income, many learners have been greatly affected and parents are deeply concerned about the future of their children. My appeal is for all of us to come together and use every day left in 2007 for learning and teaching.

Early next week we will engage with unions on the Recovery Plan, and will work with them to support our learners in preparation for the final half of the school year. This plan makes no extra demands on teachers and contains no calls for additional teaching time.

Pupils have to date lost a number of days of learning. We are sure that the intensive use of the remaining school days, as well as holidays and weekends for self-study, will ensure success for learners. The WCED through the districts and with co-operation from schools have arranged Winter Schools, Saturday classes, and other catch-up programmes.

The Recovery Plan is fourfold and includes the following:

(i) Examinations

To maximise learning time, matrics must remain at school right up to the start of the examinations, and lower Grades must not stay at home once matric exams begin. For them, intensive teaching and learning must continue until at least mid-November.

  • All schools that have not written grade 10 - 12 examinations must start the examination in July so that the examination is completed by 8 August 2007.
  • Schools that are writing their own papers must submit comprehensive examination plans and their timetable to the EMDC by 20 July 2007. The schools that have participated in the common examinations of the Learner Attainment Strategy will receive a new timetable for grade 12 in due course.
  • It is thus important that all learners who have missed writing part of all of the examination, in these grades, prepare themselves thoroughly to write an examination in July.

(ii) Winter Schools, Spring Schools, Extra Classes

Districts offices have devised plans for Winter Schools, Spring schools and extra classes. In most districts these interventions will take place in the second week of the holiday and interventions will continue late into the year. The following Winter School Programme has been arranged, while other programmes are being finalised in discussion with districts and school principals.

OVERBERG2 - 6 JulyWaveren9:00 - 13:00Schools in the Waveren Area
OVERBERG2 - 6 JulyAshton CP9:00 - 13:00 Ashton CP
CENTRAL9 - 13 JulyLagunya & Garlandale9:00 - 13:30Mountview, Lagunya, Crystal, Phoenix, Ikamvalethu, Kulani including Iqhayiya, Tembelihle, Sizimisele, Manyano
EAST2 - 6 JulyEMDC Scottsdene8:30 - 15:30Scottsdene, West Bank, Siphamandla
NORTH2 - 6 JulyBeauvallon Sinenjongo9:00 - 13;30Uitzig, Beauvallon Sinenjongo
WEST COAST / WINELANDS9 - 13 JulyCharlston Hil & Stellenzicht9:00 - 13:00Stellenzicht Charlston Hill

* The Southern EMDC is meeting with schools in Mitchell's Plain, Gugulethu, Nyanga, Crossroads and Phillippi, to sort out details of winter schools.

Saturday Classes will held in the Southern Cape beginning in the third term given the distance between schools in the region.

(iii) Electronic and Print Media

The electronic media includes the National Departmental portal - Thuthong - which carries a huge volume of materials and useful information for learners with access to the internet. The Western Cape Education Department website also contains examination papers, answers as well as other relevant information to support learners. The WCED website could be found at http://wced.wcape.gov.za.

Television and radio will also be extensively used to teach concepts and to support learners. Interactive TV shows will be broadcast from mid-July up until the exams begin in November. Radio will be used to inform learners and parents about collection points for materials, as well as for broadcast lessons as well as 'question and answer" type shows.

The WCED in collaboration with Umhlobo Wenene, Radio Sonder Grense and Good Hope will broadcast programmes focussing on the exam papers that were distributed in the Cape Argus from the 13th to the 19th of June 2007. Broadcasting will take place at the following times:

  • Umhlobo Wenene: From the 4th of July 2007, Wednesdays, to 1 August 2007 at 20H00;
  • Radio Sonder Grense: From 7th July 2007, every weekday, to 2nd August 2007 at 19H00;
  • Radio Good Hope: From 21st June 2007, every Thursday, to 2nd August 2007 at 19H00.

The Learning Channel and SABC Education are committed to making sure that South Africa's learners get what they need to pass the year. So learners can tune in to the daily lessons for Grade 11s and 12s on SABC1 every weekday from 10am to 12noon as well as from 6am to 7am on weekends. Plus you'll find your free support materials and revision guides in your newspaper and on their website, www.learn.co.za. For more information call 011 214 7100.

(iv) Provision of learning support materials

The WCED will provide an extensive range of materials to learners who have been disadvantaged by the strike. The National Department of Education will also include electronic and print media, which will be distributed to learners through the most accessible channels. The WCED will provide the following materials to learners and teachers:

Booklet for Grades 10 - 12 focussing on study methods and accelerated learning.


A recovery document will suggest ways of accelerating teaching by combining activities, integrating assessment standards and give suggestions of integrated tasks and other tips for accelerated learning in each Grade. It will identify the core essentials per learning area per grade and reinforce the CASS requirements.


For any enquiries, contact Mr M. Cameron: 021- 467 2622.

District offices can be contacted as follows:

Metropole East - Melvyn Carolyn 021 900 7000

Metropole South - Eugene DaniŽls 021 370 2000

Metropole North - Barry Volschenk 021 938 3000

Metropole Central - Mackie Kleinsmith 021 659 4300

West Coast / Winelands - Jannie Beukes 021 860 1200

Breederivier / Overberg - Clifton Frolick 023 348 4600

Southern Cape / Karoo - Jan Theron 044 803 8300

All districts will allocate a dedicated official to work with schools most affected by the strike. It is crucial that the management of each school, led by the principal, take responsibility to develop local recovery plans. My appeal is for school governing bodies to support our schools.

Each Representative Council of Learners (RCL) should also assist in giving leadership to high school learners to use every day to learn. Together we can ensure that we achieve our best for all our learners in 2007.

For enquiries, contact Gert Witbooi:  082 550 3938, or gwitbooi@pgwc.gov.za.

Issued by:
Gert Witbooi
Media Liaison Officer
Office of the MEC for Education
Western Cape
Tel: 021 467 2523
Fax: 021 425 5689

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