Selected ELRC Collective Agreements (Resolutions) | Western Cape Education Department

Selected ELRC Collective Agreements (Resolutions)

ELRC Collective Agreements: National

Agreement Number Subject
05 of 2007 Further Agreement on the transfer of employees from the Department of Education to individual FET Colleges
04 of 2007 Implementation of the Further Education and Training Colleges Act Number 16 of 2006
03 of 2007 Levy agreement
02 of 2007 Shop stewards in education
01 of 2007 Vote weights to the trade unions that are parties to council
05 of 2006 Improved Career Pathing for Qualified Post level 1 Educators and Accelerated Progression for all educators on applicable salary levels
03 of 2006 School grading norms
08 of 2003 Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS)
04 of 2003 Post and Salary structures for educators
02 of 2003 Transfer of serving educators in terms of operational requirements
08 of 2002 Payment of acting allowance for educators acting in a higher post where the permanent incumbent is absent
07 of 2002 Appointment of full-time shop stewards in education
06 of 2002 Implementation of Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 in education
08 of 2001 Payment of acting allowance for an educator acting in a higher vacant and funded post
07 of 2001 New leave measures for educators and provision for the remuneration of educators who perform child care duties during periods of leave
01 of 1998 Agency Shop Agreement
07 of 1997 Dispute resolution procedure of Council
13 of 1996 Grievance Procedure
02 of 1996 Second agreement on time-off and secondment
13 of 1995 Criteria for the advertising and filling of educators posts
08 of 1995 Agreement on time-off and secondment
07 of 1995 Regulations regarding the terms and conditions of employment of educators