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eLearning brings learning to life

Why use Technology?

The way learners access and absorb information has changed significantly over the past decades. They want lessons that are interactive, engaging and fun. Technology allows educators to adopt eLearning as a teaching pedagogy by using different apps, images, videos and other online resources to enhance the traditional ways of teaching and keep learners engaged. We also need to expose our learners to technology. ICT skills are no longer optional, they’re basic skills for functioning in society. For today’s generation of learners to prosper in the world of tomorrow and become contributors to the 4th industrial revolution rather than just passive bystanders, they need to benefit from the opportunities that eLearning provides.

Don’t be left behind, incorporate technology into your classroom. Start by taking a simple course or downloading the resources that have been made available to you. Speak to other educators who are using technology and share content. You will see a difference in your learners’ attitudes towards your lessons. Bring learning to life!

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