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eLearning Require further training

The WCED is aware that Teaching with Technology can be challenging for some teachers and there is always further development to be made.

We have therefore designed various courses for teachers in order to develop their skills and understanding so that they can effectively integrate technology into their classrooms. The courses will expose you to various educational technologies, both hardware and software, as well as, introduce proven teaching methods and strategies to use in the classroom.  

It is well understood that all teachers are not on the same level and understanding when it comes to ICT and ICT Integration skills. For this reason all the ICT interventions offered at the CTLI cater to three different skill levels so that you can attend a course or workshop specifically aimed at a level you are comfortable with.

There are also Management courses available to provide support for school managers and other senior managers in managing the ICT.

Keep an eye out for the conferences available this year!

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