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Transform to Perform

Message from the Head of Education

The WCED has a responsibility to ensure that our learners perform academically, to acquire the knowledge and skills they need for further study and the future world of work.

At the same time, we have a moral duty to ensure that our learners have the values and attitudes they need to contribute to society, and to understand what success should entail.

That is why the WCED, at the end of 2017, developed the Transform to Perform strategy which is driven by our vision of Quality Education for every child, in every classroom,  in every school in the Province. The strategy aims to transform the mindsets of all learners, teachers, and officials to a positive mindset and attitude. This will help give learners hope for the future.

This strategy involves four areas of roll-out to schools: the ‘Values in Education” programme, the Growth Mindset programme for learners, the Change Mindset programme and Leadership Development, and is supported by three pillars: The Teacher, Values and the Learner. These pillars have guided our themes for the past 3 years, with an emphasis on values-driven learning and the development of values-driven teams.

Since the rollout of the programme we have already seen a difference in the culture of our organization and in some of schools.

We have seen countless examples of schools overcoming some serious challenges by embracing a positive mindset and attitude and resolving to “get the job done”. I am greatly heartened by the many values-driven initiatives that have been supported and implemented by schools which promote our mantra: “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve.”

Ultimately, we all want what is best for our children and to give them the best opportunities in life. With Transform to Perform we will unlock the potential of every child, teacher and official, contributing further towards our Vision for Quality Education.

Anything is possible.

A word from the T2P Strategy Driver

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