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T2P Implementation

ViE was implemented at well over 99% of all public ordinary & special schools across the province in 2019. Schools were required to provide the WCED with the names of a cross-section of individuals associated with the school, and who would constitute a School Change Team (SCT).

The SCT comprises of the following:

  • T2P Champion;
  • The Principal;
  • SMT member;
  • SGB member;
  • A non-teaching support staff member;
  • A teacher and;
  • One RCL member in the case of high schools (The RCL member is replaced by an additional teacher for primary schools).

According to a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signed by schools, the SCT’s agreed to be responsible for:

  1. Managing the T2P Strategy and implementation at school level.
  2. Performing an interface function between schools, T2P District Champions, the T2P Project Team and service providers.
  3. Collecting and communicating information between the school, District T2P Champions and the T2P Project Team.
  4. Assisting T2P District Champions with the implementation of T2P projects e.g. logistics, attendance registers, surveys, etc.
  5. Monitoring and reporting to District T2P Champions and the T2P Project Manager, as requested in accordance with the T2P Monitoring and Reporting Plan.
  6. Assisting with ad hoc requests for urgent support and assistance from the T2P Project Team.

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