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Transform to Perform

A word from the T2P Strategy Driver

Transform to Perform (T2P) is a truly transformative strategy designed to change the heart and mind of education in this province. It has been architected to address the high levels of contextual pressure on the psyche, mindset and attitude of learners, teachers and officials, and forms an integral part of the Strategic Plan over the next 5-years and beyond.

It has been found that, for the many initiatives of the WCED to have long term, systemic impact, they need to address the heart of the learner and teacher which is where the biggest challenge lies. It is in the hearts and minds of people where the passion and the drive to continue and maintain learning will find traction.

To effect sustainable change, all levels of the WCED must be exposed to an understanding of the fundamental shift in global expectation, their role in education and the contribution they make to transforming society. The challenge lies in finding the best solutions to optimise the gaining of an understanding of our thoughts and the power we have, to control and manage our thoughts and actions.

A number of possible learning and other opportunities have been identified to speak to this challenge. The details of these are found within this web page.

These opportunities seek to shift officials, teachers, learners and parents closer to the belief that understanding their own beliefs, thinking and communication styles, will ease their frustrations, re-energise and re-awaken their enthusiasm. This shift will move them towards a willingness to experiment, learn and apply innovative ways of thinking while working within the continued pressures of their daily reality.

Every layer of the education ecosystem will ultimately be exposed to the same shift, the level of empathy will shift, thereby making the change systemic and a permanent part of the culture of education in the province thus making it possible to attain the vision of the WCED of Quality education for every child in every classroom in every school in the province.

Have fun on this journey of discovery! – Warda Conrad

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