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Grade 9 - Tips for Success

The Tips for Success Booklet prepares Grade 9 learners for the Further Education and Training Band (FET), Grades 10 – 12. It serves as a guide for learners to make the correct subject choices for Grade 10.

This booklet will help you understand the requirements for each subject in Grade 9 and what to expect of these subjects in Grade 10. It provides study tips that will guide you to success at the end of your school year.

The following are the contents of this booklet, adapted for delivery via the Internet. Click here to download the complete booklet in Acrobat format

For the Afrikaans version of the booklet, click here.

Grade 9 - Tips for Success - A guide for Grade 9 learners to make the correct subject choices

  1. How to use this booklet
  2. Pass requirements for Grade 9 & Set goals for passing Grade 9
  3. Tips for success in all subjects
  4. This is what you need to do to select your subjects for Grade 10 & Assessments: ANAs and Systemic Assessments for Grade 9 learners
  5. You are now heading towards the FET phase
  6. Why dropping out of school is not an option
  7. Study tips
  8. Pledge and motivation
  9. My study goals
  10. Self-evaluation