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SC Examinations May|June 2022

Examination Helpline: Monday – Friday | 07:30 – 16:00 | tel. 0861 819 919

November 2022 Registration

Remark | Rechecking

Release of results of 2022 SC examination

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) will release the results of individuals at the relevant centres where candidates wrote their examinations on Wednesday, 3 August 2022 at 8:00.

Results to be collected at Examination Centres and at identified collection points. This will be communicated to candidates via SMS.

Closing date

Remarking and rechecking: Wednesday, 17 August 2022.

Release of results

Remark/recheck results: Thursday, 15 September 2022.

  1. Ensure that all names as per your identity document are included on the statement of results.
  2. Check that your name(s) and surname are spelled correctly.
  3. Check that the correct date of birth/identity number is printed on the results.

Please note: Administrative errors like these can be rectified within three months after the results have been released.

If there are any errors on the results, contact the WCED Head Office with the following documents:

  • Current statement of results
  • Certified copy of the identity document
  • Affidavit, declaring that you are the rightful owner of the statement of results
  • Specify the error to be rectified
  • Complete the reissuing application form.

I wrote May/June 2022, can I still register to write again SC November 2022?

No. Registration will open 1 October 2022 to write SC May/June 2023.
Please visit registration website: to register online.

When will the SC 2022/06 examination start?

The timetable will be available on our website.

When do I write individual subjects?

Admission letters will be posted three weeks before the start of the examinations.

Where do I rewrite as a private candidate?

You may indicate a high/secondary school in the area or district where you live. The WCED will inform you of the final writing venue in your admission letter.

Where can I get a registration form for the next examinations?

The registration forms will be available at the WCED Head Office, high/secondary schools or on the WCED’s Exams webpage.

Where can I obtain study material and old question papers and memoranda?

To purchase resources, contact:

Edumedia (WCED)
3 Station Road, Mowbray
Tel.: 021 689 9536
Office hours: Monday – Friday
| 8am – 3:30pm

To download resources, go to:

Who qualifies for remarking/rechecking? (Online eRemark application)

Candidates may submit an application for the remarking/rechecking of their scripts if they feel that the mark allocated is not a true reflection of their performance on the papers written within 21 days after the release of results.

When is the opening and closing date to apply for a remark/recheck?

Opening date will be 24 August 2021 and closing date is 7 September 2021.

What are the requirements and the cost involved to apply for remarking?

ONLY ONLINE remarking applications will be accepted.

Rechecking: R25
Remarking: R104
Viewing: R200 (per subject and will not be refunded)

Remarking website: The prescribed fee for remarking is indicated on the reverse side of your advice of results.

When will results for remarking be released?

Results will be available on 4 October 2021.

Can I apply at the WCED or my school?

Applications for remarking can only be done via the e-Services website.

What is the difference between a remark and a recheck?

A remark is when a script is assessed by an authorised person (not the same person who initially assessed it), appointed by the WCED.

A recheck is when a script is scrutinised to ensure that all questions are marked and added/calculated correctly. This is done by an assessment official.

How do you determine who must be refunded after a remark?

Candidates will be refunded if there is an improvement in the achieved level (e.g., 3–4)

When and how will I get my money back?

The application fee will be refunded into the banking account as indicated on your BAS form.

What is the process to follow to view my answer book?

You must first apply for a remark/recheck and if you are still unsatisfied, forward a written request for the review of your script to: (include proof of payment).

The applicable fees are indicated on the reverse side of your statement of results.

Payment procedure

Payments can be made by EFT or at a Nedbank branch into the following account:
Bank: Nedbank
Account name: WCED
Account type: Current account
Account number: 1452 045 089
Branch code: 145 209
Deposit reference: 15 +ID Number

Email your proof of payment to:
Ms Nompumelelo Kanase: Marking
Directorate: Assessment Management
Western Cape Education Department

Tel: 021 467 2952 or email:
Tel: 021 467 2914 or email:

The WCED will notify applicants by letter about the outcome of the results of the remarking or rechecking of scripts.

I do not have an identity document and wrote the November 2020 examinations with my mother's surname. In May/June 2021, I wrote with my father's surname, which is the right one. Will my National Senior Certificate reflect my last surname?

Your personal details of the last examinations written will be used, unless you submit documentation to change your personal details on your certificate. This is subject to an application within six months of the release of the results. You must complete an application form, submit a certified copy of your identity document, proof from the Department of Home Affairs and pay the prescribed fee.

What is the cost when applying for results, combination or certificate?

Tariffs are as follows:

Confirmation of results (statement): R52,00
Combination of different results (1st issue): R141,00
Lost (senior/junior) certificate: R141,00

Please note that the following documentation must accompany your application:

  1. Certified copy of your identity document
  2. Proof of payment
Registration: June 2022 SC examination
  1. Online registration only via
  2. Closed: 31 January 2022


The June 2022 Amended Senior Certificate for Adult Learners (ASC) examination is open to all candidates who passed Grade 9/Adult Education and Training Level 4, failed their matric and are 21 years and older. Underage candidates (18–20 years) must write a motivation to the Head of Department and give reasons why they should be allowed to write the ASC examinations.

Examination Helpline: Monday - Friday | 07:30 - 16:00 | tel. 0861 819 919