Learner Admissions FAQ | Western Cape Education Department

Learner Admissions FAQ

  • Apply early. Don’t wait till the last day.
  • Parents should apply to at least three schools (including their nearest school).
  • Know the law/check the school’s Admission Policy.
  • Schools may NOT use their own hard copy, online forms or systems, or request any additional information from parents not in line with the South African Schools Act, the Admission Policy for Ordinary Public Schools or POPI Act.
  • Compulsory school-going age (Grade 1) is seven years in the year that the child is in Grade 1.
  • Admission to Grade R is six years in the year that the child is in Grade R.
  • Immunisation card. (Primary School only).
  • Last school report card for learners who have been to school.
  • ID: birth certificate, passport, study permit or proof of application or police affidavit.
  • Proof of Residence.

Certified copies of all documents are required.

1 - 16 August 2024. Parents apply online.

The WCED has not declared any feeder zones/areas.

No. Schools may not charge a fee before accepting a learner.

An appeal can be submitted to the Provincial Minister of Education as from 1 August 2024 (Gr 1 & 8).

Submissions, with supporting documents, must be sent to edumin.edumin@westerncape.gov.za.