WCED shares tips to make reading fun | Western Cape Education Department
WCED shares tips to make reading fun

WCED shares tips to make reading fun

9 September 2020

It is National Book Week and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has set out to show how much fun and rewarding reading can be.

The celebrations also coincide with International Literacy Day on 08 September. 

The department provided tips for parents and teachers on how to help children enjoy and value reading. 

Earlier this year, the WCED launched a reading strategy to promote the importance and benefits of reading. You are encouraged to read every day to gain knowledge, improve your memory and focus, build your vocabulary, improve writing skills, enhance imagination, and to help you relax.

Team Read shifted into higher gear this week with an invitation to all schools to share their National Book Week activities on social media using the hashtag #TeamRead.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most activities are virtual. The WCED would like to you to post a photo on social media of participants reading and tagging and challenging someone else to do the same. 

Schools can also host competitions for learners to create a book cover, a poster or short video that promotes reading. Other suggestions include sharing clips of teachers reading aloud and showing creative reading corners.
Some pointers for parents and teachers when reading to a child:

  • Use pictures as helpers - Review the pictures in a storybook before reading.  
  • Be a drama queen - Use lots of expression—really put on a show! 
  • Bite your tongue - most of the time. Frequent interruptions can interfere with comprehension and the pleasure of reading.  
  • Speak up for sense - Gently correct your child if he/she alters the meaning of a sentence by skipping or substituting an important word.
  • Help with stumpers - Step in to pronounce and define new and difficult words. 
  • Encore! Familiarity with text will boost both reading skills and self-esteem.
  • Notice patterns - A pattern of similar mistakes may be a sign of trouble. The teacher can help you diagnose an issue and get help quickly. 
  • Have a movie night of books that has been read.
  • Dress up as a character while reading the book/story.

(Source: https://www.scholastic.com/parents/books-and-reading/reading-resources/developing-reading-skills)