WCED hosts webinar on learning at home | Western Cape Education Department
WCED hosts webinar on learning at home

WCED hosts webinar on learning at home

9 July 2020

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) hosted a webinar aimed at contributing to a process of strengthening the relationship between school, home and community.

The “@Home learning for poor, vulnerable and rural communities” webinar, on Tuesday, 30 June 2020, was joined by more than 1000 participants, including teachers and NGOs and community leaders. The webinar provided examples of good practices which have the potential to create models for implementation in the coming years.

Dr Farhana Amod Kajee of the Faculty of Education at Rhodes University was the keynote speaker. She shared some of her experiences about attempting to lead learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The presenters were Sohail Morris, Principal of Orleansvale Primary School in Paarl, Lorraine Hadfield (Val de Vie Foundation), Denise Mubaiwa (Nal'bali’), Merle Mansfield (DGMT), Daleen Labuschagne (Khula) and Debbie Schkolne of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport’s YearBeyond Primary School Academic Programme. 

Haroon Mahomed, Chief Director: Curriculum Management and Teacher Development, said the reality of Covid-19 worldwide is that schooling will never be the same again and learning at home has become a reality as well as an opportunity.

“The aim is to develop a programme of action that will support learning through stronger interaction between schools, parents or caregivers, learners and community, as well as faith, sports and cultural groups,” Mahomed said. 

The webinar will be followed by an online conference later in the year which will provide opportunities for a broader range of participants, including learners, parents, teachers and community leaders to keep contributing to the development of implementable models for learning at home.
The @home learning webinar recording is available at the following link: https://bit.ly/homelearning_30June2020
The presentations are available at the following ePortal links: