WCED empowers superheroes of therapy | Western Cape Education Department
WCED empowers superheroes of therapy

WCED empowers superheroes of therapy

18 October 2023

The Western Cape Education Department hosted a two-day Therapy Conference from 5- 6 October 2023, at Rhenish Primary School in Stellenbosch. The event brought together 200 therapists from across the province, which included speech therapists, audiologists, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists.

Patricia Arendse, the Programme Manager of Therapy Services in the WCED, said that the primary objective of this conference was to foster networking, provide essential training, and encourage meaningful discussions in a tranquil, stress-free environment for therapists. The conference's theme was "The Therapist as the Superhero".

Over the course of the two days, participants were treated to insightful talks from industry professionals. These presentations covered a variety of topics, including ethical considerations for providing care in a resource-constrained setting. The therapists also engaged in various activities that showcased their resilience, creativity, and enthusiasm for their craft. This spirit demonstrated their commitment to enhancing the lives of the individuals they serve.

The highlight of the conference was the opportunity for therapists to interact with parents and learners whose lives had been significantly improved through the support of educational therapists. Dianne Williams, the Provincial Program Manager for Learning Support, emphasized that this connection underscored the need for increased advocacy within the education community for these unsung everyday superheroes.

The event was a success and was lauded as a valuable initiative by the department. Gouwa Ebrahim, a Speech Therapist and Audiologist, said that the venue was filled with superheroes dedicated to the well-being of the most vulnerable children, not only within the education system but also within our communities.

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