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Voorspoed Primary School values

Voorspoed Primary School values

15 August 2019

Voorspoed Primary School in Hanover Park is a values-driven school and boldly display their ideals for all to see.

Values like courtesy, caring, orderliness, honesty and helpfulness are exhibited in classrooms and various places on the school premises.

Principal Reginald Esau said the school celebrate these values with a monthly assembly organised by different grades. “Classes engage in a variety of activities to celebrate the value for that particular month. We also painted the values in our hall.  A tree made of cardboard is displayed in the foyer and each branch depicts a value. The values are colour coded and we encourage our learner to wear related colours on “casual wear” days.”

He acknowledged the challenging circumstances the teachers and learners face with extreme levels of poverty, unemployment, violence and other socio-economic problems plaguing the areas the school’s more than 1000 learners come from.

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“We strive to create an environment where our learners feel loved, accepted, cared for, valued, appreciated etc. We encourage our learners to develop a sense of hope, to become dreamers, to develop a vision, to see beyond the “here and now” and to live up to the school’s motto ‘Aim high’”.

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