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Stretching computer confidence

Stretching computer confidence

13 February 2020

The Computer Olympiad has introduced a basic version of the Application Olympiad for schools to encourage first-time participants and to include those who are not familiar with databases.

The Applications Olympiad is free. It runs for the week of 2-6 March 2020. Schools choose the day and time – some schools start as early as six in the morning.

Michael Cameron, Manager of the Computer Olympiad, said the rewards make sure that just about every participating school will receive some certificates.

Confident learners may choose to take part in the Open division of the Applications Olympiad instead. Open includes database questions using Access. It will be run at the same time as the Basic division. Participants may not take part in both.

Only the Open division can lead to the Second Round and the Finals. Participants in the Open division will compete for certificates, irrespective of grade: Gold for the top 7%, Silver for the next 14% and Bronze for the next 29%.

“The goal of this Olympiad is to encourage young South Africans to stretch their computer confidence, using what they have learned to do and what they may not have been taught. We provide a comprehensive Solutions Guide that is popular with teachers to show learners different ways to solve each problem,” Cameron said.

Participants have to register through their schools. Parents, please contact your child’s teacher responsible for computer skills to register the school.

To register: or call 021 448 7864 / 021 447 8450 for an application form.