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St. John’s EK PS Community Values Conversation

St. John’s EK PS Community Values Conversation

28 May 2020

Shortly before the end of the first school term and the country going into lockdown, St. John’s EK Primary School in Buffeljagsrivier, engaged in a successful and well-supported Value’s Conversation with their school community. 

Karin Plato, the school’s principal, took the reins and kickstarted the proceedings in an open-air event on the grass overlooked by the modest school building. She enthusiastically introduced the school’s values programme and, to that end, an assortment of monthly activities involving both the school and the community at large. 

Transform to Perform (T2P) District Champions, Kobus Mike (Lead Champion) and Edward Kies were invited to provide the community with background on the WCED’s T2P strategy. They particularly focused on the strategy’s objectives with its values programme. 

The T2P Champions elaborated on the strategy’s importance; its significance in the broader context of education for learners in the small school and surrounding community, the district as a whole, as well as the many potential, very positive spin-offs for all concerned in embracing it. 

Community members comprising parents, grandparents, teachers, business and community leaders alike, listened attentively and seemed highly agreeable to taking the initiative forward. 

 The learners’ enthusiasm for the continuation of regular values-driven activities was in no doubt - if their choral, on-song responses to all speakers’ provocative questions gauging their take on the matter was anything to go by! 

This may be a small community, but the support and enthusiasm was evident. 

What is it again that the old adage says about dynamite and small packages? This certainly will be a community to watch on how they will further transform their conversation into action!

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