Spine Road High one of the province’s top 20 schools | Western Cape Education Department
Spine Road High one of the province’s top 20 schools

Spine Road High one of the province’s top 20 schools

1 March 2024

The Spine Road High School community was elated after the class of 2023 rose to the challenge and delivered outstanding results in the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations.

“We are extremely proud of our Grade 12 learners' performances in the 2023 NSC examinations. To be one of the top 20 schools in the province and to appear on the national top 20 list for three subjects, Economics, Business Studies and Mathematical Literacy, in the 2023 NSC examinations is indeed a wonderful achievement for the Spine Road High School community,” said Principal Mark Fairbairn.

He added that as a Mathematics and Science focus school, they are very proud to be one of the schools in the province with the highest number of learners doing pure Mathematics in Grade 12. The 142 learners at the school with Mathematics as a subject, achieved a 98,6% pass rate and an average of 58,4% per learner.

The Mitchells Plain school has maintained an average matric pass rate of 99,1% for over 10 years and a Bachelor's pass rate of over 80% for the last three years.

Fairbairn said sustaining such results required hard work and dedication from both educators and learners. “We believe that our quality and passionate educators are the ones that make the difference in the lives of our learners. Our school ethos reflects discipline, hard work, high expectations, support and time on task. With the right alignment of placing the learners' interests first and with the buy-in of all the stakeholders – educators, learners and parents – all possible obstacles can be removed.

The school instilled four central pillars in all stakeholders namely, safety, respect, high expectations and support.

“We offer a safe, well-resourced and welcoming teaching and learning environment as well as a wide range of co-/extra-curricular activities to develop our learners holistically. Our school's success is a combination of the little things that we do every day to make the school a better place for all. We strongly believe that our circumstances do not determine our destiny and that we can compete with and beat the best schools.”

Spine Road High one of the province’s top 20 schools2