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S/Hero Award

S/Hero Award

Name: Mr Chadley Davids

School: Protea Heights Academy, Brackenfell

District: Metropole East Education District

Mr Davids is a dedicated teacher who is passionate about every aspect of his educational career. He is the youngest member of the Senior Management Team and started his teaching career in 2018 as an Economics teacher. He is highly driven towards creating a safe and inclusive environment for his learners and the community.

Mr Davids serves as the School Safety Officer, Assistant Grade Head, House Master, and Drama and Musical Production Director. He was instrumental in developing COVID-19 informational resources such as video and poster content to ensure the adherence to protocols. He ensured that teachers were well-prepared through a strategic and extensive COVID-19 orientation programme. He even invited external service providers to assist with training and support for teachers. He extended this programme to learners to help with emotional and mental support. He served as an advocate for the school vaccination programme and indicated that 98% of the staff have been vaccinated. In order to boost school spirit, he arranged a “Heritage Cultural Dress-Up Day” as well as a Grade 12 “Career Dress-Up Day”. He even organised a school Jerusalema dance while complying with COVID-19 protocols.

Mr Davids believes in creating real-world experiences for his learners. His lessons are all adapted to focus on developing and empowering 21st century skills. He strongly instils entrepreneurial thinking and skills into his everyday lessons. His mission is to ensure that his learners can create employment for themselves and their communities. He allows for extensive and real-world global discussions, despite its controversial nature, to enhance communication, critical thinking and empathy in his learners. He is a strong believer in enhancing the voice of the learner. He makes sure his learners are given competitive opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills by allowing them to compete in various competitions. This has been crucial for his learners as he felt it provided them with entrepreneurial skills, career opportunities as well as possible bursaries.

Mr Davids ensures he is technologically skilled in order to enhance the learning experience as well as meet the needs of the learners. He provides resources via a learner drive for his learners, provides a fidget toy for learners who struggle to focus and extends his workload further by recording all his lessons via video and audio for learners who may not have access to the internet. He uses a variety of applications to make learning fun and engaging and to develop the skills of the learners. He provides extra tutoring classes during the week and over weekends.

His involvement in music and drama is highly commendable as it provides a platform for the learners and school community to address issues such as anti-bullying, anti-racism and gender diversity through the arts. He seeks to develop a safe, tolerant and inclusive environment and uses the medium of arts and the curriculum as a tool through which learners can engage and develop social cohesion.