Senior delegation visits Winter School Programme | Western Cape Education Department
Senior delegation visits Winter School Programme

Senior delegation visits Winter School Programme

29 July 2021

A delegation from the Department of Basic Education and the WCED visited the Metro North Education District’s Virtual Winter School on 12 July 2021.

Wendy Horn, the District Director, thanked Hubert Mweli, Director-General for Basic Education, Alan Meyer, Chief Director: Districts, and the rest of the delegation for observing the live lesson broadcasts.
Horn explained that with one expert tutor, the district was able to reach many learners. A total of 32 schools participated in the programme to assist learners with the subjects they struggled with.

There were tutors for Afrikaans and English classes. The learners met at their schools in smaller groups and attended the classes according to a specific timetable. Teachers were also present at schools to support learners during the broadcasts. The learning material for the subjects was sent to the schools in advance.

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Senior delegation visits Winter School Programme3

“This is a totally new programme, 100% virtual, although learners are at schools mostly because of the lack of internet/connectivity at home. We are also able to give these learners a meal while they are at the winter school.”

Horn said the programme included presentations on study methods, a motivational talk by one of the 2020 top matriculants and Higher Education Institutions were invited to present options for further study to learners.

She said the programme was a success due to planning and teamwork. The process involved an audit to check if the schools had the required technology and connectivity available, as well as the selection of “virtual” tutors based on their subject and technical (eLearning) expertise and their online presence. “As we know, a lot of successful engagement with learners is being able to hold their attention. Then the Subject Advisers do a lot of preparation in the background to ensure that the material is relevant and of a good standard.”

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