Safe Schools - Back to school drive | Western Cape Education Department
Safe Schools - Back to school drive

Safe Schools - Back to school drive

5 March 2021

The Western Cape Education Department’s Safe Schools Programme organised a back to school drive to raise awareness of the importance of education.

Safe Schools partnered with municipalities, the South Africa Police Services (SAPS), Social Services, NGOs and religious and community leaders. They celebrated success at the schools, promoted a “can do” attitude and inspired learners to achieve their best.

“This is a campaign to motivate learners to remain in school and to look at education in a positive manner. We want learners to take responsibility for their education and develop social responsibility and a sense of self-worth,” said Oscar Apollis, Safe Schools Manager.

Learners were reminded of the importance of regular school attendance. Apollis said building strong and trusting relationships that promote belonging was fundamental to improving learner attendance and participation. “Learners are more likely to attend school if they feel safe – both emotionally and physically – connected, supported and are encouraged to believe they can learn and achieve.”

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Other messages centered around abstaining from drugs, contributing to a safe school environment by not carrying dangerous weapons to school, protecting school property and not condoning or making yourself guilty of bullying.

Learners and teachers at the participating schools received stationery with the Safe Schools contact number prominently displayed.

Educators, learners and parents can call the toll-free number to report any form of abuse and burglaries, vandalism and other incidents that impact on efforts to ensure safe schools. The Safe Schools Call Centre's toll-free number is 0800 45 46 47.

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