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RGJ anti-bullying campaign

RGJ anti-bullying campaign

12 July 2021

Rustenburg Girls’ Junior School invited Lilah Davies, an anti-bullying activist, to address their Grade 4 to 7 learners about bullying.

After seeing bullying take the life of Limpopo learner Lufuno Mavhunga, 12-year-old Lilah, a Grade 6 learner from Plumstead, was prompted to start an anti-bullying organisation called Bully-No-More.

Lilah also fell victim to bullying due to her curly hair and told the girls about the difficulties she endured during that period of her life, which inspired her to want to bring about change.

Lilah hopes to make school a safe environment by preventing suicide and depression that is induced by bullying.

The learners’ feedback reiterated the importance of her powerful message, especially to children of the same age. They received the message positively and valued her courage to share her experience.

Lilah was accompanied by Caitlin Volkwyn who sang "Call me by my name", a song she wrote about anti-bullying.
Learners on Rustenburg Girls’ Junior School’s Public Relations group interviewed them both. You can watch the clip below to hear about these two incredibly brave and courageous young women.
Rustenburg is proud to have opened the door for Lilah and Caitlin and expressed the hope that the learners’ efforts will help bring about an end to bullying.

Click here for the Podcast interview:  HERE