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Register now for World Education Week!

Register now for World Education Week!

30 September 2021

The biggest school celebration in the world will kick off on Sunday, 3 October 2021 and registration is free!

World Education Week from 3 – 8 October 2021 will celebrate and recognise the success of 100 schools and 20 education organisations. Schools from every continent, and from every phase of education will take part. It was held for the first time in October 2020 and was attended online by 40 000 teachers and educationists.

Wendy Horn, Director of the Metro North Education District, will participate in a panel discussion about family engagement as an essential part of education system transformation (5 October at 16:00 SAST) while some schools in the province will showcase what they do.

Horn encouraged educators to join the online festival and school celebration.

“World Education Week is an opportunity for all of us to come together and understand from the grassroots, the schools and organisations that are innovating and creating impact. Learn how to emulate and replicate some of their practices!
“Please use this opportunity to experience what innovative schools in SA and across the world are doing. As educators, we must be lifelong learners. Exposure to the discussions during this week will broaden your thinking about teaching and learning and perhaps, just spark that one innovative idea that takes your school and learners on an exciting journey.”

The following Western Cape schools will share their expertise and experience:

You can view a chronological summary of all events taking place during World Education Week here:

Events will be hosted on the World Education Week website:

The event was founded by Vikas Pota, an education leader and entrepreneur, as a way of supporting teachers and schools by providing them with opportunities to learn from and share experiences with one another.

“We congratulate the 100 trailblazing schools from around the world who have been selected to host an event during World Education Week for their educational expertise and celebrate their commitment to sharing openly and freely how they’ve done so at World Education Week. It is our hope that through these 100 celebrations we will inspire other schools with ideas and strategies that have succeeded elsewhere as a way of helping every learner achieve their potential,” Pota said.