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Primary school's letters of hope

Primary school's letters of hope

24 April 2020

Table View Primary School has been posting daily messages of hope during lockdown on the school's social media platforms.

The grades and departments all supplied a poster board message and the school has been posting one per day since 31 March.

Bianca Akerman, the school's marketer, said what they were not expecting and were happily surprised by, was the learners and parents responding in kind. "We have had messages back from our learners to our teachers and have been posting their responses on our social media pages as well."

Table View Primary School Principal Golie Gouws described the institution as a 
community school where the staff believe that influence is only possible through relationships. 

“We were overwhelmed by the positive responses to something that was started by one of our class teachers who posted a message about how much she missed her children. The response from the children and parents initiated messages between the teachers in each grade and their learners. When one gets overwhelmed with the anxiety of the uncertainty during the lockdown period, the familiar face of a child or teacher helps you to keep going. I believe that this initiative played an imperative role in building relationships needed while taking hands to teach from home.”

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