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Positive Behaviour Day

Positive Behaviour Day

18 May 2022

The Western Cape Education Department hosted the second annual Positive Behaviour Day on Tuesday, 17 May 2022 at Tenterden in Wynberg.

The WCED Positive Behaviour Programme is a strategy to promote positive and restorative behaviour in our schools. It seeks to address bullying and abuse and find solutions for healing. The strategy is aimed at creating caring school cultures through educator capacity building, learner and parent intervention programmes as well as awareness programmes.

The event was attended by learners from neighboring schools as well as teachers, education psychologists and social workers.

Alan Meyer, WCED Chief Director: Districts who spoke at the event, shared that the WCED has put in place a positive behaviour programme in all WCED Districts to support teachers in dealing with various behaviours in the classroom.

“We understand that the school is a microcosm on the community in which the learner comes from but we need to drive citizens that are able to take up the challenges of building our country,” shared Meyer.

The Positive Behaviour Programme capacitates schools with support to empower educators, learners and parents towards effecting behaviour change.
The programme focuses on a number of strategies including:

  • Anti- Bullying
  • Classroom management
  • Building a restorative learner code of conduct
  • Behaviour as a barrier to learning
  • Diversity
  • Values driven education
  • Peace discipline

Neville Goliath, head of the Positive Behaviour Programme said that the Positive Behaviour Day put the spotlight on the goodness of humanity found in acquisition of values through "real connections that build relationships”.

The event was an informative and positive engagement which is held annually each year.