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Overberg Essay and Mini Saga Competitions

Overberg Essay and Mini Saga Competitions

22 October 2022

Top essays were written by potential authors, novelists, essayists and playwrights as part of the Overberg Education District’s essay competition.

Schools were encouraged to enter their best essays, selected from the School Based Assessment (SBA) written work task.

Learners in Grades 8 and 9 could enter the junior category and learners in Grades 10 and 11 competed in the senior category. Nine schools entered a total of 78 essays. The winners were Dominique Kotzenberg, Simone Krantz, Shaylee Bouwer, Nerine Bezuidenhout, Leigh Palmer and Michaela Loubscher.

Equally impressive submissions were received as part of the Mini Saga Competition. Max Tomlinson and Pulani Booysen excelled in this art form.

Wolfgang Ratz, English adviser, said both essay writing and sagas give learners an opportunity to compete, be creative and improve English writing skills.

“Learners were encouraged to choose the ‘class’ winners themselves. The top ones were sent to high schools in the district to be used as sample essays and sagas.”

The essay competition started this year while the mini saga competition in the Overberg started in 2015 as part of a bonanza to boost languages.

Ratz said mini sagas taught learners the discipline of writing short, concise and crisp essays since mini sagas consist of exactly 50 words.  
Well done to the wordsmiths!