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Non-digital learning

Non-digital learning

9 April 2020

While the WCED and other Provincial Departments are promoting the use of digital resources through various online initiatives, we are also very aware that many of our learners do not have access to laptops, tablets or data.

The WCED is currently collating a variety of resources and programmes that will not involve access to IT related equipment. These include the broadcasting of lessons on TV, radio and the development of materials for printing.

At the same time, we are negotiating with various service providers to get certain educational sites zero rated, so that we can open access to additional resources for learners with access to cellphones.

In the interim, some schools are taking the initiative to supply resources to learners that do not have access to online learning.

Westlake Primary School is one such example. Landeka Diamond, principal of the school, said, “We know that not all our learners have access to online resources and it is not practical for us to continue with the curriculum via online links. Therefore, as a school we have managed to collate some activities for our learners and are distributing hard copies of these activities when learners collect their meals at our school.”

“All learners, Grade 1-7, have been given printed materials to take home. This work should cover them for the next two weeks. The learners are to complete the activities and return it at a later date,” she said.

Ms Diamond urged all her parents to assist their children to complete their work activities, adding a message of safety:

“Please stay safe, wash hands and avoid crowded spaces. I understand that this is the most difficult period but we need to soldier on and observe all Covid-19 regulations.”

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