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Mathematics meets art

Mathematics meets art

23 October 2020

Hyacinth Primary School in Mitchell’s Plain was in the spotlight at the world’s biggest education conference earlier this month.

Kurt Minnaar, a Mathematics teacher and talented Hip Hop dancer, videographer and content creator, demonstrated how Hip-Hop Based Education (#hiphoped) can get children excited about learning.

Minnaar recently started teaching at Hyacinth Primary and said following the incredible feedback to his World Education Week presentation, he was amped to add more creativity and value to the teaching and learning space including integrating technology into his workflow.

He has been using the performative, multi-disciplinary and energetic teaching method for several years and saw an improvement in learners’ results. The method caters for the kinaesthetic, auditory, visual and traditional learning styles.

Minnaar said soon after starting his teaching career more than ten years ago, he realised that the traditional “chalk and talk” method was not working and there was a need to do things differently.

His teaching method is supported by a variety of locally made unique educational materials including CDs, posters, choreography and a booklet, which are aesthetically pleasing.

In his presentation, Minnaar highlighted the importance of culturally sustaining pedagogy and said teachers should combine what they teach with what they love.

Minnaar grew up with a great role model and example of best teaching practice in the form of his mother, Azelda Minnaar. He recently tweeted: “She’s the dopest teacher I know. She’s currently teaching Grade 1 at Parow East Primary School. She’s been used as an example of best practice by the WCED and has changed the lives of many children. So aweh, I must level up and walk in her footsteps.”

Hyacinth Primary, a no-fee, multicultural and multilingual school, was one of seven South African schools invited to participate in the inaugural T4 World Education Week from 5 - 9 October 2020.

The virtual event showcased 100 schools and educators from around the world that have demonstrated excellence in the interesting ways in which they have been engaging with learning and teaching.

Five of the 100 schools were from the Western Cape. Hyacinth Primary was the only school from South Africa that was chosen to present in the category "Promoting the Science of Teaching and Learning".

You can contact Minnaar for material or staff training via his Facebook page (

If you missed Minnaar’s World Education Week presentation, watch the replay: