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Lockdown anthem goes viral

Lockdown anthem goes viral

24 April 2020

The Settlers High School in Bellville tapped into their creative side to express how much staff members miss the learners.

The school launched their lockdown anthem on social media, to great acclaim from parents, learners and allumni.

The You Tube views alone have reached over 39 000 views! Watch the video here:

Principal Shireen Gallie said a discussion on the staff WhatsApp group revealed how much they missed the learners and sparked the idea to demonstrate how they feel.

“Besides academics, we pride ourselves on being a very musical and creative school and it was therefore decided to be the best way to show them.”

The production of the music video was spearheaded and coordinated by Deputy Principal, Hugo Smuts, who is the head of music and culture at the school and a celebrated musician in his own right. All staff were asked to indicate if they would like to participate. Those who bought in received specific instructions what to do and what to wear. Smuts matched the individuals to the lines they had to sing. They also received a lip-sync tutorial from one of the teachers involved in drama and productions. 
Gallie said the music video was aligned with the school’s theme and values for the year. The values are determination, respect, integrity, vision and excellence. 

The video also features two teachers who received Protea colours for ballroom dancing. “We are a diverse, multi-talented staff. I am extremely proud of them”, Gallie said.

She added that the learners love the video. “It brought many of them to tears to see that we do miss them. Generally, our learners are happy at school and most of them genuinely miss that place, their second home. Our learners, parents and friends of the school alike have sent us messages of support, appreciation and gratitude. At Settlers we always go the extra mile.”

It certainly brought a smile to the WCED News team! Thank you Settlers! We felt the love!