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Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Name: Mr Ivan Kroneberg

School: Hillcrest Secondary School, Mossel Bay

District: Eden and Central Karoo Education District

Mr Kroneberg started his teaching career in 1987 and is still passionate about learning today. He is a change agent in education and a community builder. He has dedicated his life to improving the lives of the marginalised and disadvantaged learners of his community.

As a teacher, one of his primary aims from the start of his career was to build the self-esteem of learners and take them beyond their socio-economic environment which is having such devastating effects on the children of our country. Part of this drive includes regular home visits to learners and parents to empathise, encourage and counsel.

Through participation in various organisations, Mr Kroneberg has actively and successfully dealt with the impact of social challenges on the learners of the school and especially the broader community where the school is located. He has a relentless drive to tackle the social challenges of drugs and gangsterism in his community.

Through his participation in different community organisations, he has developed a good relationship between the school and the community. The collaboration between the school and community synchronises activities to the benefit of both parties. Moddergat River Project is an example and Mr Kroneberg was a founder member of the Bluedowns Cricket Club. His partnerships with financial institutions help the school and the community to build relationships that empower the learners, staff and parents of the school.

He is a driving force for diversity and multiculturalism at the school. Diversity is a top priority and manifests itself in the teaching of Xhosa, English and Afrikaans.

Despite the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 the school still performs well. Mr Kroneberg initiated an innovative approach to teaching and learning that ensured that all learners, including learners with barriers to learning, received quality teaching and learning.

He has an excellent relationship with the governing body, community, parents and staff. He has extensive knowledge and experience which over the years led him to become an expert in various fields. This includes not only the subject of his teaching but also his contribution and impact on the broader society. His leadership skills and management style are exemplary in addressing challenges in the school and community. He is passionate and solution driven in addressing the needs of his learners and staff. He lives the values and norms of good citizenship and that of the WCED. Learners are inspired to be the best they can be despite the many socio-economic challenges they face every day. He also encourages learners and teachers to become active leaders in their different communities.

Mr Kroneberg is an innovative lifelong learner and has applied a variety of teaching and assessment strategies over the years to meet the individual needs of every learner in his school. He is dedicated to quality education and the development of every learner to become responsible citizens.

Over the years he has earned the unqualified respect of his school community, his peers and the community at large. He leads by example, is stern yet fair and gives rewards and recognition where necessary.

Mr Kroneberg has made a lasting impression on his colleagues, learners and the community by being a role model, mentor and coach of many.