Learners take on Mental Maths Challenge | Western Cape Education Department
Learners take on Mental Maths Challenge

Learners take on Mental Maths Challenge

6 June 2022

A total of 3 488 learners from 84 schools across the eight education districts in the Western Cape competed in the latest Mental Maths Challenge.

Jo Besford, Director of Green Shoots, an education organisation that offers weekly CAPS aligned Maths exercises for Grade 3 to 7 learners, said the Quick Quest Leaderboard Mental Maths Challenge is open to any school who is using Maths Curriculum Online (MCO), one of Green Shoots' online tools.

There are currently 641 Western Cape Education Department primary schools registered to use MCO. The weekly MCO activities encourage complete curriculum coverage; at a correct pace, level and difficulty. The activities also help learners gain confidence and develop a love for Maths.

The challenge is open to Grades 3 to 7 and happens twice a term, in week 3 and week 7. Learners have two minutes to get as many Mental Maths sums correct as possible. Each grade has its own level of difficulty based on the ATP number ranges.
Learners have one week in which they can enter.

The Leaderboard Challenge can be done ‘anytime and anywhere’ during that week, even on a cellphone.

Learners can practice using Quick Quest Mental Maths Activities before they enter.

The top five learners per grade get a certificate sent to their school and are featured on MCO in their grade.

In latest Leaderboard Challenge from 16 to 20 May, the participants  answered 64 084 questions correctly out of a total of 84 563 attempted.

The next Challenge will be in Term 3, from 1 to 5 August.

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Learners take on Mental Maths Challenge3