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Klipfontein Primary School at the heart of the community

Klipfontein Primary School at the heart of the community

15 August 2019

Ismail Meyer, Principal of Klipfontein Primary School has been part of the school for the past 33 years, eleven of which he served as headmaster.

He attributes his long association with Bonteheuwel and its people as one the reasons for the school’s success in getting the community on board to protect the school against vandalism and burglaries. The school has not had any break-ins or vandalism in 20 years.

Meyer is determined to make his school a hub of love, for current and former learners. The stoep library is open 24 hours a day and anybody is welcome to take out a book with the condition that it is returned. He also made the staff room available to clubs for executive meetings.

“We make an effort to upskill the community and to empower them. This weekend we have a parental skills workshop scheduled. Every day is a teaching day.”

The school plans on converting containers into workshops where parents can learn skills like welding.

Meyer is also proud of the fact that the school has a social worker on the premises. The school partnered with an NGO, Cape Town Multi Service Centre, and the social worker divides his time equally between learners and the community.

Learners are engaged in music, sport and other activities to keep them busy and to expose them to opportunities and possibilities.

Meyer said because of poverty, the school still experience the ‘normal issues’ and efforts to instil values are ongoing. A number of initiatives are implemented to bring fun back into education. Community members are also kept about developments and the benefits for the learners are continuously emphasised to ensure their buy in.

“We depend on the community and I can proudly say that the community support the school,” Meyer concluded.

Klipfontein Primary School at the heart of the community2