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Kader Asmal Excellence Award

Kader Asmal Excellence Award

Name: Mr Adnaan Adams

School: Modderdam High School, Bonteheuwel

District: Metropole Central Education District

Mr Adams has been teaching Mathematics for 25 years, and is now the Head of Department for Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Sciences, Natural Science and Mathematical Literacy at Modderdam High School.

His love of Mathematics is evident for all to see, and he says: “My philosophy has always been to demystify the notion that Mathematics is difficult”. He has found innovative ways to make the subject accessible and fun, and developed strong partnerships with NGOs to drive the interest and participation of learners in STEM subjects.

Mr Adams has been instrumental in securing donations for his school, spearheading the revamping of the library, computer lab and science labs – and doing a large proportion of the physical work himself!

In addition to the excellent work he does in his school, Mr Adams is actively involved in his community, particularly through food relief to those in need. He is the liaison between the school and the NGO Violence Prevention Urban Upgrading (VPUU), who in partnership with the school developed a food garden to support both learners and the Bonteheuwel community. He has facilitated volunteer opportunities for learners and staff, from soup kitchens for those in need to distributing toiletries to the local old age home. He also initiated a project whereby learners at the school donated their time to assist the Salvation Army in supporting the poor and destitute.

Mr Adams is an innovative and long-serving teacher who serves his school and his community with pride and epitomises the WCED’s 2021 theme of Values-driven Leadership – making him a worthy recipient of the Kader Asmal Excellence Award.