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The importance of education outside of four walls

The importance of education outside of four walls

4 May 2023

Adventure journey give learners a chance to experience learning and growth from a different perspective.

So said Paula Faria, a qualified adventure guide who runs a number of outdoor events for schools from day events, to overnights to multi day hikes. “During our events we cover many aspects of teaching in terms of weather, bird life, wildflowers, waterfalls, rock formations, even mathematics like Fibonacci numbers which can be seen in flowers like proteas. Other benefits like improved mental health, teamwork and self-sufficiency skills are taught throughout the experience. Many teachers noticed improved all round behaviour in many learners and a reduction in bullying and other social difficulties experienced by the youth.”

Recounting a two-week adventure into the Cederberg with a group of 170 Wynberg Boys’ High School learners, Faria said “fear of the unknown dominated most of the starting conversations, but once in the learners realised how much they were capable of, the feedback was incredible. Not only was it an appreciation opportunity for the learners, but for parents too! Often a break from each other solidifies the appreciation,” she quipped.

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“Deeper than the above, is the independence and sense of responsibility that learners develop. New friendships are formed out of their school comfort zone and their horizons and knowledge are broadened. Learning gets consolidated in the "real world" where there is a trade in knowledge and creativity, resolving differences in real world learning.”

Faria said the learners leave the classroom and see connections between what is happening at school and the real world. “There is access to tools and environments they are not accustomed to. Nature is rich in learning laboratories, from ecosystems to historical bushmen paintings!”

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