Holvlei Primary School opens new Grade R classroom | Western Cape Education Department
Holvlei Primary School opens new Grade R classroom

Holvlei Primary School opens new Grade R classroom

28 July 2022

A new Grade R classroom at Holvlei Primary School outside Hopefield will be used as an example of good practice in the West Coast Education District.

The infrastructure includes a storeroom and toilets and was sponsored by Umoya Energy.

Sally Meyer, the Western Cape Education Department’s Early Childhood Development Manager in the district, said the partnership between Holvlei Primary School and Umoya Energy stretches back as far as 2011 when the CEO, Richard Graham, first visited the school with the then Mayor of Saldanha, Johanna Stoffels. “He announced that the company would be building a wind farm about 10 km from the school. He promised that as part of the company’s social responsibility, they would make an investment in the school and support the school.”

From 2013, Umoya Energy provided funding for learners to go on educational excursions at the end of the year. The company also invested financially in the school. In 2019, they stared funding Inclusive Education South Africa (IESA) to start working in the school, especially in the Foundation Phase to improve learners’ literacy and numeracy skills.

Holvlei Primary School opens new Grade R classroom2
Holvlei Primary School opens new Grade R classroom3

The next year the support was expanded to include funding for an Educator Assistant and the more recent donation of the Grade R classroom which they consider their flagship project.

“This is something that we as a school community are very grateful for and feel proud of. We would also like to thank Mrs. Stoffels for her role as director of the company, which ensured that Umoya Energy maintained its social contract with the surrounding communities,” Meyer said.

The official opening of the Grade R class was attended by all role players, which included Umoya Energy, IESA, representatives of the West Coast Education District, the school governing body, parents, staff and learners.

Meyer said she would like to use the facility as a model for what can be done to help children reach their full potential.

Amber Zeeman of Umoya Energy said she was proud of the completion of three years’ work with Inclusive Education South Africa (IESA).

Colin Witbooi, the school’s Principal, expressed his gratitude towards Umoya and IESA for the work they do at Holvlei Primary School.

Holvlei Primary School opens new Grade R classroom4
Holvlei Primary School opens new Grade R classroom5