Global education leader wins provincial Kader Asmal Excellence Award | Western Cape Education Department
Global education leader wins provincial Kader Asmal Excellence Award

Global education leader wins provincial Kader Asmal Excellence Award

21 November 2019

Alta van Heerden, principal of Sunlands Primary School in Kenwyn, has been named the Western Cape winner of the Kader Asmal Excellence Award.

The award honours educators who lead by example; has taken a stand for an issue (popular or unpopular) on grounds of conscientiousness; display intellectual tenacity and rigour; and show creative and inspired visible delivery.

Van Heerden’s teaching career started in 1976 and she progressed through the ranks until she was appointed as principal in 1997. She said her primary objective was to enhance teaching and learning and at the same time improve the infrastructure of the school as the enrolment increased year by year.

She has also represented the country and continent on the global stage in education matters and she described her route through the ranks of principal associations as most rewarding. “Firstly, as President of SAPA (South African Principals Association) I was able to meet amazing principals throughout the length and breadth of our country. At every occasion I was able to experience a refreshing side to the dedicated work that leaders bring to the table in education. The same applied to my position as ICP (International Confederation of Principal) African Representative of ACP (African Confederation of Principals). The appreciation and dedication that our colleagues in other countries display, in trying to bring about positive change on our continent is extremely encouraging for the future of our youth.

“Now as President of ICP, I note the urgency around the globe to foster connectivity and dialogue amongst nations, covering key factors such as Ethical Leadership, Equity and Principal Advocacy in education.”

Van Heerden was nominated for the Kader Asmal Excellence Award by the staff of Sunlands Primary who wrote that “through her efforts, she has brought much honour to our country and Africa, keeping our flag ‘flying high’ on the global stage in educational matters.”

Congratulations to Ms van Heerden and all the best for the National Finals.