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Gansbaai Primêr garden project

Gansbaai Primêr garden project

5 October 2020

Whale Coast Conservation (WCC) teamed up with Gansbaai Primêr to beautify their pavement garden to be more welcoming to both learners and visitors.

WCC staff selected, bought and took suitable plants and trees for the school’s garden.
They were joined by 36 Grade 6 learners and the school gardener, Rauwan Fisher.

It was a beautiful day to be working outside and the learners were very enthusiastic about the work. Sharaine van Wyk of WCC and Fisher discussed the different plants and their requirements and together planned which plants would thrive in different parts of the garden. Van Wyk also advised on how to care for the plants.

The first task the learners tackled was to get rid of litter and weeds in the garden. They then prepared the ground for the new plants.

Van Wyk showed the girls how to plant geraniums. Each learner had the opportunity to plant their own.

In the meantime, teacher Gavin Barnard helped the boys to dig holes for the trees. As soon as a plant or tree was in the ground, the rest of the group watered the newly planted vegetation. The learners were most enthusiastic to be working so well as a team. The learners had the best time working in the garden and did a fantastic job.
The learners left the school determined to keep looking after their garden and proud of what they had accomplished.

We wish to thank the AVI Community Development Trust for funding this event.

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