Gansbaai learner publishes first of many short stories | Western Cape Education Department
Gansbaai learner publishes first of many short stories

Gansbaai learner publishes first of many short stories

17 September 2020

Daylen Tobias, a Grade 12 learner at Gansbaai Academia, recently had her first short story published in Kuier, the biggest Afrikaans women’s magazine in South Africa.

Tobias said she started writing short stories in Grade 8 for her own enjoyment. Over the years, the 18-year old filled a number of books with handwritten stories. Her sister-in-law urged her to submit a story for publication. “She told me that we have nothing to lose and if the attempt was not successful, I can always try again.”

It turned out that she had no reason to be modest since her story, ʼn Wesie se wens, was accepted for publication in August. Tobias said she was moved by an encounter with a little girl who was homeless. “She looked so lonely. I felt sorry for her and gave her my chips and sweets.  This girl inspired me to write ʼn Wesie se wens.  I also wrote it so that people can know that the world doesn't only exist out of cruelty and that there are good people who really care for others.  This story must tell people that no matter in what situation you are there's always a light at the end of the dark tunnel.”

Tobias is currently working on a novel and says she wants to continue writing while she studies Occupational Therapy next year.

She regards her Afrikaans teacher, Carien Fortuin, as a mentor. Fortuin said she is super proud of Tobias. "Daylen is an inspiration to Afrikaans Home Language learners to develop their talents. We are very excited about her future and incredible writing talent and believe she is destined for great things.”