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Frontline staff make values visible

Frontline staff make values visible

30 May 2019

The values calendar in the Client Services Walk-in Centre has proven to be popular with visitors.

“Our clients love to stop at the calendar and see what value we have chosen for the month,” explained Rose-Maree Benting, Walk-in Centre Manager.

The Client Services Agents meet weekly to talk about values. Every month one of the agents picks one or two values and explains why they chose the particular value.

In February, the month of love, the agents showed love and care for clients by assisting parents with online learner registration.

The values of hope, freedom, acknowledgement and humility were emphasised in March. Benting said practising humility when our educator clients visit us “is our way of supporting the educator to go back to the classroom.”

During April, client services acknowledged the dedication of staff, educators, public service staff at schools and learners. The other identified value was integrity. Benting said as front line staff, it means doing the right thing at all times even if no one is watching you.

In May, agents said empathy and recognition was important in the workplace. “When employees and their work are valued, productivity increases and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.”