FoodBev SETA support programme for science education a tremendous success | Western Cape Education Department
FoodBev SETA support programme for science education a tremendous success

FoodBev SETA support programme for science education a tremendous success

17 April 2024

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) obtained sponsorship from the Food and Beverages Manufacturing SETA (FoodBev SETA) to establish a Kutlwanong Centre at Luhlaza High School in Khayelitsha.

The tutoring programme aims to increase the number of successful applicants qualifying for university entrance in courses that are dependent on proficiency in Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

 The first group of Grade 12 learners from 18 high schools in Khayelitsha completed the programme in November 2023. A total of 181 out of the group of 200 Grade 12 learners completed the programme.

The WCED is pleased to announce that the programme was a tremendous success. A total of 45 learners achieved distinctions in Mathematics with 13 scoring above 90%.

Two learners, Lisema Anta from Siphamandla Secondary School and Lutsha Mshede from Sizimisele Technical High School achieved a perfect score of 100%. Similarly, in Physical Sciences, 39 distinctions were achieved, including 9 learners with scores above 90%.

Out of the 181 participants, an impressive 82.3% (149 learners) gained acceptance into Higher Education Institutions. Notably, 86.7% of them opted for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers, with 33 learners in Engineering, 34 in Health Sciences, 39 pursuing a Bachelor of Science, 14 in Information Technology and Computer Sciences, and a further 6 learners enrolled in Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and finance-related programmes.

The results indicate that the programme effectively addresses the articulation into scarce skills programmes.

We are extremely encouraged by the commitment from the FoodBev SETA that provided 20 learners with full bursaries for the duration of their studies.

At the request of the WCED, the FoodBev SETA extended their support to include a teacher development programme for Mathematics and Physical Sciences teachers at 30 schools. The schools that were involved in the Grade 12 programme demonstrated improved performance in the 2023 NSC 2023 results with some experiencing up to a 37% and 44% improvement in Mathematics.

The Mathematics pass percentages among the participating schools increased from 43.4% to 66.9%, with a 20.1% improvement in bachelor passes. Similarly, the Grade 12 performance in Physical Sciences in these schools improved from 67.1% to 71.5%, with an 8.4% increase in bachelor passes.

Another critical area of support provided by the FoodBev SETA was to sponsor three career awareness events in the Eden and Central Karoo, Overberg and Metro East districts reaching out to approximately 1 200 learners.

Don Haripersad, the WCED’s Director of Curriculum for Further Education and Training (FET), has conveyed his gratitude to Nokuthula Selamolela, the CEO of the FoodBev SETA, for the support. He expressed optimism that the continued collaboration with the Food Bev SETA will enable the WCED to continue with this programme thus providing dedicated support to learners in disadvantaged communities to follow STEM careers.

The WCED therefore, wishes to appeal for collaboration with other SETAs and various industry partners to support our initiatives to provide quality education to our learners in the province.

FoodBev SETA support programme for science education a tremendous success2