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Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (FET)

Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (FET)

Name: Ms Thembela Maliwa

School: Manyano High School, Khayelitsha

District: Metropole East Education District

Ms Maliwa is currently the Deputy Principal as well a Mathematics teacher at Manyano High School in Khayelitsha. Before her appointment as Deputy Principal, she was appointed as the Mathematics Departmental Head in 2011. She is a vibrant and energetic teacher which is evident from how she engages with learners in her class and has taught Mathematics since 2001.

She uses various strategies including technology to support, challenge and enhance learners’ love and understanding of Mathematics. She integrates problem solving into her lessons to promote critical thinking. She promotes an engaging, enriching, vibrant classroom experience and has great enthusiasm and love for Mathematics which she conveys to her learners.

Ms Maliwa thrives on the effective use of ICT. As the community she serves has challenges with data, she promotes platforms such as the WCED ePortal which is zero rated. To promote understanding in class, she uses an emulator to support learners with effectively using their scientific calculator and graphing software is used to support learners with their understanding of functions. Siyavula and Paper Video are promoted for learners to consolidate their Mathematics on a daily basis at home. WhatsApp has been used to teach and support learning during COVID-19.

Ms Maliwa not only works and supports the learners at her own school, but her competence and mastery of Mathematics has led to her being identified as a tutor in the Kutlanong Project, 100 up UCT programme and a district tutor. In 2019, she was also appointed as a senior marker for the NSC examination.

Ms Maliwa has been elected as the PLC coordinator for Metropole East Education District. She has also presented teacher development sessions for the district as well as facilitating the AMESA NCS question paper review session. She mentors experienced and novice teachers from other schools and encourages them to integrate other subjects in their everyday teaching.

She is an AMESA member and attends AMESA conferences to support with her own growth and development.

Ms Maliwa has initiated department strategic planning and weekly team planning meetings. She has also initiated engagements with primary schools on how best to bridge the gap between primary and high school.

She has established partnerships with companies which have resulted in sponsored sim-cards for learners which enables them to access zero-rated platforms. Ms Maliwa has also provided support, at no cost, to learners from other schools to attend the extra classes provided at the school. She coordinates the Dream Girls Programme which aims to equip girls to be proud of themselves and become entrepreneurs.