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Excellence in Secondary School Teaching

Excellence in Secondary School Teaching

Name: Ms Mariechen Vermeulen

School: La Rochelle Girls' High School, Paarl

District: Cape Winelands Education District

Ms Vermeulen is a passionate and innovative Life Sciences teacher in the Further Education and Training (FET) phase at La Rochelle Girls High School in Paarl.

Ms Vermeulen believes in maintaining good values in education. She is involved in different community projects and endeavours to link the curriculum to those projects. She not only involves the parents together with the learners but also raises funds for the school. She believes in encouraging good behaviour through humour and cares deeply about her learners.

She is a team player and shares her work with colleagues. She believes in quality teaching and learning and is always well-prepared and coming up with new ideas. She is open to communication and knows her subject very well. She also believes in life-long learning and challenges learners to improve their critical thinking skills.

She allows children to build self-esteem and motivates improvement. She knows her learners very well, both their strengths and weaknesses, and uses her teaching strategies to bring about change in their lives.

Ms Vermeulen uses ICT in her teaching on a daily basis, especially programmes such as Telematics, Google Classroom, Google Drive, PowerPoint, quizzes and.

She uses the internet to expose her learners to real life experiences and to motivate her learners to become involved in environmental projects over weekends.