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Excellence in Secondary School Leadership

Excellence in Secondary School Leadership

Name: Ms Renate van der Westhuizen

School: Apex High School, Blue Downs, Eerste River

District: Metropole East Education District

Ms van der Westhuizen’s leadership style is innovative and the school shows exceptional growth as a new school in a challenging area.

She has developed special partnerships with outside organisations that have benefited her learners and educators. She has fostered a good relationship between the learner, the school and their parents and this shows in the discipline and academic achievement of the learners.

She has created a culture of excellence in the school, which is a no-fee school, where the partnerships are utilised optimally. She leads by example in everything that happens at the school, even going as far as planting the grass on the school fields with the ground staff.

She is actively involved in training other educators and sharing her experience and expertise both at district and school level. She has had articles published on school management. She has integrated ICT monitoring tools in the monitoring of administrative tasks and the progress of learners.

Her approach to fostering inclusivity with caring and good values within the school is a model for other schools to follow.