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Eversdal PS to showcase self-funded project

Eversdal PS to showcase self-funded project

12 March 2020

On Friday, 13 March 2020, Eversdal Primary School will officially open their new building project.

The project has been a dream of the school over the past ten years and includes a new additional administration block, a 1000 square metre roof over their quad, an indoor tennis, netball, mini-hockey, cricket and physical education facility, and a learner support centre and innovation hub. A new “STEM” room has also been built, that will support their Robotics and Coding programme.

This was a massive project and was completely self-funded by the school.

Eversdal PS to showcase self-funded project2

Henk Arangies, principal of Eversdal Primary School, says that the school management and community had done a number of things to make the project financially possible.

“We have been saving for this building project since the end of 2015 and have been building a kitty through fund-raising.”

One of the contributing factors was in-house IT installations. “All cable, Wifi, computer and technical installations has been done by the school staff over the past 10 years. This made a huge saving possible.”

Mr Arangies also attributes huge savings by going paperless at the school.

“We managed to save money by moving from a paper-driven system to a completely paperless system where our whole school is run on Microsoft Sharepoint and Office365.  This has created huge savings over the past 3 years.”

He said that by going digital, the school also saves money by not having to buy as many textbooks.

Another huge cost saver is the fact that the school builds all its furniture itself.

“By consolidating systems which we outsourced in the past, we made things much cheaper”, he said. This contributed to savings.

Well done to the Eversdal Primary School community for making their vision a reality!

Eversdal PS to showcase self-funded project3