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EnvironmentaLarries pave the way!

EnvironmentaLarries pave the way!

15 August 2019

La Rochelle Girls’ High School in Paarl has energetically embarked on an eco-conscious campaign at school and in the community.

Starting in July 2018, the Larries pledged to become a plastic-shopping-bag-free-zone in partnership with the campaign #Rethinkthebag run by Hayley McLellan of the Two Oceans Aquarium. Since then the school’s Green Committee has inspired and motivated many learners, teachers, parents and even other schools in making a green-shift in their thinking.

Activities have ranged from starting a recycling programme at school, educating learners on environmental topics during their Green Workshops, hosting an annual Green Market Day, where learners can sell upcycled, recycled, handmade and “green” items, to developing their own reusable EnvironmentaLarrie shopping bag sold at school.

The learners and committee have also collected a great deal of money through their various endeavours to donate to environmental organizations across South Africa, including the African Honey Bee Project, the Giant Flag Project, REST Namibia for the endangered Pangolin rescue and the Two Ocean’s Aquarium’s Sea Turtle unit.

On 27 July 2019 they also attended the Plastic Free July Trash Bash at Moullie Point beach where they helped many members of the Cape Town community to pick up plastic pollution on the beach. They attended this event along with Huguenot High School in Wellington, as working with and inspiring other schools to become more environmentally conscious is an important aim of the Committee.

The Larries have ventured on this exciting but crucial path of enhancing eco-friendly citizenship and hope that other schools will follow suit.

EnvironmentaLarries pave the way!2